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Make Summer Yours: Chicago Public Library Summer Learning Challenge Young Historian 2021 IAR 2021 - Questions 4th Quarter Town Hall 8th Grade Graduation Information DL Parent Meeting 3/25@6:00PM

Health Screener

Please fill out the Daily Health Screener for those students who are returning to in-person learning. This must be completed daily in order for your child to attend school.

Absence Notes

Please click here to excuse your child’s absence.

Technology Request

If your child needs to borrow a Chromebook during our emergency closing, please fill out out our Chromebook Agreement.

Questions for Administration

Questions during the school day? Please visit the virtual office by entering thorpmainoffice. (You need to use a (student) account in order to join.)


Google Classroom

Our E-Learning is being conducted on Google Classroom. Please click here to enter your rooms. You must be logged in under a CPS account in order to enter.

Latest News

All schools in Illinois have been closed for the 2019-20 school year. Updates occur on a very frequent basis. For the latest news from CPS, the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois please click here.

Community Concerns and Help

Help for families, including food banks, free internet access, CPS meal sites, and more. Please click here.

Get Informed


Students will be learning at home this fall, and we’re committed to providing students with an engaging learning experience that significantly improves upon what students and families experienced last year. Here are just a few of the changes we will be making this fall to improve remote learning. Visit Thorp’s Learning at Home Plan.

Thorp Bitmoji School

Check out our Bitmoji School – It’s almost the same as being here in person… almost. Click the picture above or here to enter our Virtual School.

For our Special Arts and Afterschool Bitmoji Schedules click below.


Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 6.21.19 AM

Each week Mr. Toledo shares with the Thorp family the latest news and events. Please read and subscribe to our Friday Letter by clicking the picture above. All Friday Letters are linked here.

Thorp TV

Thorp Scholastic Academy exists because you believe in us. Our parents and students trust that the learning experiences at Thorp will be innovative, engaging, and relevant in preparing students for a successful future.

Thorp LSC Channel

Our LSC Page has our meeting dates and agendas.

Thorp Care Tuition Based Afterschool Program . Click here to learn more and reserve your spot.

Please click the image above to access the enrollment information for our new members of the Thorp Family!


NWEA Math National Attainment

CPS Level Ranking


NWEA Reading National Attainment

Compare us to other CPS Schools!

OA Thorp ranks in the top 10% of the country for both student growth and attainment.

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy accepts students from all over the city – without an entrance exam. Yet we consistently rank in the top 5-10% of school in the country based on attainment in Reading and Math. We also demonstrate significant growth from year to year – with close to 70% of our students reaching their NWEA target goals. Thanks to the hard work of our teachers, students and parents; Thorp is often nationally ranked in the top 10% for growth in the country. Check out our school profile by clicking here.

The O.A. Thorp Academy website adheres to the CPS Non-Discrimination Policy.

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