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Greetings! We’ve been very busy in music class this past month. Here at Thorp, we offer a wide variety of musical experiences to reach the widest possible group of students. Here are a few updates:

Technology and Composition

At Thorp, we pride ourselves on our innovative use of technology. Mr. Vikhter loves to use technology as an extension of his pedagogy, as a utility in the classroom, and as an interactive medium for students to express their creativity. Last week, 6th-8th graders were briefly introduced to piano, and practiced improvising simple melodies to a pre-recorded accompaniment. Students then used a software called SoundTrap to record their unique melodies digitally on top of that same backing track. Students were showed which notes were available to use, and were encouraged to use unique sounds available within the software.  Their melodies were compiled into a “digital jam session,” where each student can be heard.

Students: Listen to your class’s collage; can you find your melody?

Students that are interested in logging into SoundTrap to work on their own projects should contact Mr. Vikhter at

The Battle Continues!

Improvisation remains a core part of what we learn in music class. When we improvise music in front of our peers, we build confidence and strengthen executive function (the brain’s perception of the passing of time). Of course, here at Thorp, we love to turn it into a competition using various instruments! Students are beginning to take part in the making of our signature sparring videos, comprising the camera and sound crews. Watch as our 5th graders rack up points and execute combo-moves in the latest installment:

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