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What Are We Doing In The Library Media Center K – 3?

What Are We Doing in the Library Media Center K – 3?

This week we have been reading The Watermelon Seeby Greg Pizzoli.

Watermelon seed

Students have homework about every other week in Library. They complete a Literature Response paper (Monarch Paper) by 

1 – Drawing a Picture of their Favorite Part (or just a part they remember).

2 – Color their Picture.

3 – Write about their drawing. (Parents can assist by writing what their child says about the drawing or modeling the writing for the child to copy).

4 – Tell parents, grandparents, siblings about the story.

5 – Complete the activity on the back of the paper (Coloring or writing a story).

If you would like to listen to this story, you can find it read aloud. Click here.

 I look forward to seeing their papers NEXT WEEK!

 Mrs. Ruszel

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