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Welcome To The 2016-17 School Year!

Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Welcome to O.A. Thorp for the 2016-17 school year.  This year is going to be GREAT! Your teachers, Mrs. Arredondo, Dr. Chambers and I (Mr. Toledo – for our new students) cannot wait to start! We are looking forward to hearing about all of your great experiences over the summer.

It has been a fun summer for the Toledo family. I was able to represent Thorp Academy at the P21 conference held at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. (I highly recommend visiting the Rocket Center if you are ever near Huntsville.)

After attending the conference, Mrs. Toledo, Monica, Gabriel and I went to Nashville, Tennessee. We were able to see the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Grand Ole Opry and even the Parthenon! After that, Gabriel and I flew down to Florida to go lobster diving. We didn’t catch any lobsters, but we had a great time snorkeling and getting sun burned.

We then brought up my nephews Luke and Wesley from Orlando, FL so they could explore Chicago and catch Pokemon! We went to Maggie Daley Park, Navy Pier and Millennium Park where we were able to capture the “Bean” gym for about 3 seconds.

Besides playing Pokemon Go!, I hope you have also been able to read some great books over the summer. Here are the Toledo family recommendations for the last few weeks before school starts: Mrs. Toledo recommends Snapsy the Alligator for students who love to laugh in grades K-2.  Gabriel read Animal Farm (appropriate for Grades 6-8) over the summer. He said: “What I found most interesting about it was that it was not about animals – but about how people treat each other.”  This year Monica is not suggesting a book, instead she wants you to check out a website to help kids learn how to code: (“It has great interactive videos – and you’ll be creating the next Super App in no time!”) My recommendation this year is the Phantom Tollbooth (3rd to 5th graders). It’s a great book if you like to solve mysteries and love puns.

Our dog, Lucy, has her recommendation this year too: Dear Mrs. Larue: Letters from Obedience School (Grades 1-3 and reluctant readers). It’s a very funny story about going to camp. . . for dogs. Lucy just barked out: “Remember to read to your pets!” (At least that’s what I think she said.)  Parents for more book (and movie) recommendations check out:

This year our Open House Nights will be from 6:00PM to 7:00PM.
Tuesday, August 30th (Grades 7-8)
Wednesday, August 31st (Grades 3-6)
Thursday, September 1st (Grades 1-2)

For our new kindergartners and their parents, your Open House will be on Thursday, September 1st from 9:00AM to 10:00AM.

During Open House teachers will discuss their expectations and procedures and your parents will be able to drop off your school supplies, pay student fees, buy Thorp Wear, and update contact information.

There will be a separate meeting for all of our 8th graders and their parents after Open House on August 30th in the auditorium to discuss graduation requirements, fees, and service opportunities. 8th graders, be sure to check your email for a letter from me about your goals and aspirations for the year.

Our first day of school will be Tuesday, September 6th. (Note this year we have new entrance and dismissal times.) Students may enter the auditorium as early as 7:15AM, and our day starts promptly at 7:30AM. There will be a special Welcome section for our new students (grades 1-8) in the front of the auditorium. Thorp After-care will be available for registered students on the first day of school. We are still waiting for details on busing but we will forward any information via email.

New kindergarten students will meet their teachers in the auditorium at 9:00AM on September 6th. (Parents we expect you to be here as well – there’s only one first day of Kindergarten for your child and we hope you can join them to start the day and take pictures).

Dismissal will occur at 2:30PM. Primary students (K-4 are dismissed on the East playground; grades 5-8 are dismissed on the West playground). Students who take the bus will be dismissed out of the doors facing Warwick Ave. Please take a look at our school year calendar and our Student/Parent Handbook. Also make sure to check the Thorp website for any last minute changes: I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Here are some important links for your parents:
Thorp School Supply List
Thorp Student/Parent Handbook
CPS 2016-17 Calendar
Parent Portal Grade Book
Required Health Forms
Lunch Menus

Opportunities for parents to get involved:
On the first day of school our Friends of Thorp and PTA parent organizations will be having coffee and treats on the picnic tables by the entrance to the building.  Friends of Thorp will also be hosting a new parent welcome at Legno’s (4256 N Central) on August 25th from 6:30-8:30PM. You can find out more information about our parent groups by clicking the links below:
Friends of Thorp Facebook Page
Thorp PTA
Thorp Loves Theatre or just subscribe to their mail list at:

Here’s a handy list of people to contact when you have a question:
School Phone: 773.534.3640
Principal – Mr. Toledo:
Assistant Principal – Mrs. Arredondo:
Assistant Principal – Dr. Chambers:
Attendance Notes:
Busing Information: Transportation Dept. Phone: (773) 553-2860
After-school Thorp Care:
Enrollment Questions:
Medical Questions:
Special Education / Diverse Learners:
8th Grade Graduation / HS Enrollment:
Student Online Program Access:
Web Access / E-Pay Issues:
Teacher Email List

Who knew there was a Parthenon in Nashville?
Mr. Toledo and Gregg Maryniak; Space Visionary and one of the founders of the X-Prize.
A life-sized Saturn Rocket at The U.S. Space and Rocket Center.
Aww man! What do you mean I’m not going to the Rocket Center?
Gabe, Luke and Wesley goofing around at the Orlando Airport!
Thor can’t wait to start school! Be on the look out for Thor on Thorp TV – Coming Soon!
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