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PTA Re-Opening Town Hall

PTA Re-Opening Town Hall

Parents on December 15th we held our PTA Town Hall on our Hybrid Learning procedures. The video of the meeting is posted below:

From the meeting there are a number of changes that parents need to be aware of:

  1. Drop-off and entry procedures: We are continuing to follow a schedule that aligns with remote learning since teachers are required to provide instruction to classes located both in school and at home. Drop-off for our bus students is around 7:15AM. The students will have their temperatures checked at the bus and then they will be directed into the school building from the East Playground – Main entrance. Students who are dropped off by parents will enter on West Playground or on the East Playground. Their temperatures will be checked before entering the building. All students must have have a “clear to enter” from the CPS Screener before attending school. All parents with students who have selected hybrid instruction will receive a text message from the school making it easier to fill out the form on your cell phone. The web address for the screener is Students should arrive by 7:30AM and no later than 7:45AM in order stagger student entrances. Students who arrive after 7:45AM will be marked “tardy”.
  2. Dismissal procedures: The end of the instructional day for students will mirror our remote learning. This means that our dismissal will occur at 1:45PM. This allows for teachers to have their 45 minute lunch at the end of the school day and it allows us to stagger dismissal. At 1:45 all bus students and walkers will be sent out to their buses or allowed to walk home. Students will be called by grade levels and dismissed out of either the east playground doors (K-2), the south doors (5-6) or the west playground doors (7-8). Students who are walking home should not stay on the playground. The students who remain, and are to be picked up, will be walked down in homeroom pods to the playgrounds so that they may be picked up. Students in grades 5-8 will be dismissed on the west playground. If they have a younger sibling they are to walk over to the east playground and join their sibling. Pods will be designated by homerooms on the playground. Parents should park in the neighborhood and walk to their child or if space permits they should park along Meade for students in grades 5-8 and Grace for students in K-4. Students will be allowed to use their cellphones if you need to text them your location. Students will be supervised by staff until 2:30PM on the playgrounds. We strongly recommend that you make arrangements with your child and let us know the approximate time you will be picking them up as this will allow us to stagger dismissal/recess. If your child is not picked up by 2:30PM they will return to their homeroom and you will be called. We anticipate starting our After-care program soon depending on parental interest.
  3. Instructional Delivery: The challenges of having two groups for instruction (in-person and at-home) will require some modifications when students return. The most notable difference will be that many of the students will not have classes with their homeroom teachers. Classroom instruction may also mean that multiple groups of students are meeting virtually while they are physically in the classroom. Most of the times that students are in the class, they will continue to receive instruction from the teachers who will probably not be in the room with them. However, when there are asynchronous breaks, the homeroom teacher will allow students to socialize, stretch and move around in a socially distanced and safe manner. This is to ensure that we are giving priority to the safety concerns of the staff and students that have returned to in-person learning.
  4. Technology Needs: The initial return of in-person learning will really be more like “remote learning while in school”. This will pose some challenges as students will need to bring their CPS issued Chromebook to and from school. Students who have not been issued a CPS Chromebook will be given one once they return for in-person learning. We will eventually distribute all Chromebooks so that students are working only on CPS issued devices. This will allow us to monitor student activity while ensuring that we can support the needs of our families. In the classroom, teachers may be teaching students who are not physically in front of them. This will necessitate students having their own headphones, preferably over the ear or noise canceling.

For more information please refer to our our Learning at Home Plan as well as the CPS Re-Opening Plan. If you have further questions please reach out to your child’s teacher or to the administration at

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