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Tips For Thorp Parents

Tips for Thorp Parents

Hi everyone,

We know how challenging it has been trying to establish learning expectations and routines while your children are at home. We are going to be posting your questions and hopefully answers – here.

Please fill out the Google Form to ask about specific questions or challenges that you are having in providing a learning space for your children.

I don’t know what Google Classroom is? What is Thorp doing for my child during the closure?Please email your child’s teacher. They will give you the codes. Or you can look here.
Why does the attendance keep telling me that we’ve already submitted it?The original form was set up with limit to one response. If you are getting this problem, just make sure you turn-in the assignment. We’ll be switching to a question format for attendance next week that will take care of this problem.
Why hasn’t my child’s teacher made face-to-face contact?The meeting function is something that we are working through. I have asked teachers to meet with small groups – as meeting with a whole class is really unruly. There are guidelines that we are setting up – but we hope to make personal contact with every student at least once per week. There will also be meets that will be recorded to explain new or misunderstood concepts.
Can we still have IEP Meetings?We do not have clear guidance yet from CPS. Please feel free to email our case manager if you have questions.
Can related service providers provide services during this time?The district has not established guidelines. But please join the Google Classroom set up by Ms. Davis for Speech and Language, by going to and entering the code: z4hb2r6
My kids is done. What do I now?Time for outside activities! Here are some ideas: Math Ideas, Outdoor Games And here are 101 other ideas.

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