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Thorp Debate Team Page

Congratulations to the many debate team members who won awards this season, and to each and every debater who worked hard to help our team succeed.


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Tournament 4-

1st Place JV speaker: Mia K.
5th Place Varsity Speaker: Daniel P.

4th Place JV Team: Mia K. & Divit P.


Tournament 3-

Shout Out Award: Ashley P.

10th Place JV Speaker: Elaine R.

7th Place Varsity Speaker: Morgan B.

4th Place Varsity Speaker: Kristina M.

6th Place JV Team: Mia K. & Divit P.


Tournament 2-

13th Place Novice Speaker: Elizabeth T.

12th Place Novice Speaker: Isaiah V.

6th Place JV Speaker: Mia K.

7th Place Novice Team: Alex M. & Elizabeth T.

2nd Place JV Team: Mia K. & Divit P.

7th Place Varsity Team: Kristina M. & Morgan B.


Tournament 1-

Shout Out Award: Ashley P.