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Thorp Debate Team Page


Congratulations to the many debate team members who won awards this season, and to each and every debater who worked hard to help our team succeed.


Tournament 5

Novice team: 1st place Morgan B. & Kristina M. (city champions!)

6th grade CMSDL debater of the year: Morgan B.

Most valuable debater: Matthew G.

JV speaker: 12th place Ashley Alvarez


Tournament 4

Novice speaker: 14th place Rudden G.,

JV speaker: 5th place Ashley A.


Tournament 3

Novice speaker: 13th place Burak A., 12th place Crystal B., 11th place Remus D., 10th place Morgan B.

JV speaker: 11th place Ashley A.


Tournament 2

Novice speaker: 10th place Morgan B.

Novice team: 8th place Morgan B. & Kristina M.


Tournament 1

Novice speaker: 19th place Rudden G., 18th place Sarah K., 9th place Aquib M.

JV speaker: 1st place Ashley A.

Novice team: 8th place Aquib M. & Kevin S.

JV team: 7th place Daniel C. & Omar G., 2nd place Ashley A.


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