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Thorp Could Win $50K!

Thorp Could Win $50K!

Things seem to have calmed down on the Clorox site and we are doing awesome (O.A. Thorp is 27 out of 509 right now!) but we can’t rest until we are #1! There has been a bit of misinformation out there about voting so we want to clear a few things up and make sure that everyone is voting most effectively:


1) The Clorox site is definitely up and running now so please make sure to vote online! It is a very simple process and once you register – which takes all of two minutes – it is super easy to vote every day. 



2) Texting – our number for texting is 853pbf and should be texted to 95248. Unfortunately, not all cell providers are participating (US Cellular is not) so not all texts are going thru. If you do not get a confirmation from Clorox it means that the text has not been counted.



3) We need to be both texting and voting online if we want to win!  They are both super easy and doing both is the only way we have a chance.

Thank you to Friends of Thorp for finding this opportunity. Now start voting.
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