Active Learning at Thorp is distinguished by a number of different facets:

  1. Students are actively engaged in differentiated small group instructional centers. These centers allow us to maximize instructional time, while also ensuring that students are being taught at their instructional level. Our instructional centers will also require students to move during instruction; most centers have rotation times between 20 – 40 minutes. This requires clear and explicit classroom procedures and routines. Our first month of instruction will often focus on establishing these routines in the classroom as well as school-wide.
  2. Students are given consistent feedback and guidance through targeted questioning. Our teachers focus on Socratic Instructional Practices concentrating on asking relevant questions to help students arrive at the answers.
  3. Teacher Unit Plans are aligned to standards (i.e. Common Core, NGSS, ISBE) and have been selected to address skills and core competencies students will need once they enter the workforce.
  4. At Thorp, students demonstrate their knowledge through the 4C’s  (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity). Students are expected to provide ample evidence of understanding both in oral and written communication. Students at Thorp are also expected to engage in productive conversations, both to arrive at collaborative answers, or well-thought out differences of opinion.  Thorp students need to demonstrate ownership and pride in their work, with the expectation that their work will be shared with a wider audience. This provides true value and authenticity to student assessments. Proficiency on standardized tests is just a starting point for our students.
  5. The social-emotional growth of your child is just as important as their academic growth. At Thorp we believe in developing and teaching happy students who are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.