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Listed on this page are the following Resources. Please let the office know if you need any other documents. Please note any documents related to Student Records or Safety information will only be accessible if you are logged in at school.   Common Teacher Links

MTSS Resources

Intervention Central

Curated Intervention List (In Development)


How To’s & Fixes

Teacher How To’s Folder

How to use your Ipevo Document Camera

How to Lock Print to Copiers
Accessing Compass Learning Odyssey


Teacher Absence and Substitute Procedures
Thorp Teacher Information System
List of Thorp CPDU’s
Teacher Preference Sheet
Change CPS Password
Check CPS Mail
Special Merit Form Instructions

Yearbook Ad Form


Teacher Supply Request



PO & CTU Reimbursement Form



Student Travel Guidelines

Chaperone Perm Slip

Report Cards

A101 A201 A301
A102 A202 A302
A103 A203 A303
A104 A204 A304
A105 A205 A305
A107 A206 A306
A108 A207 A307
A109 A209 A308
A210 A309
A211 A310

Domain I : Planning and Preparation

Resources and ToolsResource: Overview of Unit Planning (Must Read) Video: Heidi Jacobs- What is Curriculum Mapping Resource: Understanding the “Understands” in KUD (Good Starting Point)
‘Resource: KUD Revision Checklist FY13
 Sample:Curriculum Timeline MAP (Overview)
Sample KUD:6th Grade Math McNally KUD Unit 5
Sample KUDs: KUD Primary ELA
Sample KUDs: Middle ELA, Upper ELA
Sample Webpage: 3rd Grade Example
Depaul Center for Urban Education (Many Resources and Planning Templates) Samples: Curriculum Timeline Math MapsCurriculum Timeline ELA
Video: Heidi Jacobs- What is Curriculum Mapping (Good Starting Point) Video: Curriculum and Curriculum Mapping (Florida Education Channel)
Starting Point: Concepts for Framing Curriculum UnitsTemplate: Gifted Vertical Alignment Planning Map (Scope and Sequence)
Template: Simple Curriculum Timeline
Template: Quarterly Curriculum Map K-2
Template: KUD Mid-Upper Template
Template: KUD Primary Unit Template
Video: Teams vs. Groups: Pre-Planning (Watch Before Starting Your Meetings)
Resources: CPS Knowledge Center Planning
Resources: Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
Resources: P21 Common Core Toolkit (21st Century Skills aligned to Common Core)
Resources: CPS Lesson Plan Ideas
Resources: Technology Based Bloom’s Taxonomy
 Resources: For Idaho Teachers – NWEA: Curriculum Ladders Aligned with CCSS (Must Visit)

Domain II : Classroom Environment

Procedures: The Well Managed Classroom 
Video: Establishing a Culture of Learning – Teaching with the World Peace Game

Domain III: Instruction

Resources: For Idaho Teachers-Group/Center Strategies (Must Visit)
Resources: For Idaho Teachers-Strategies for Differentiating Instruction

Assessment Related (NWEA, PARCC & More)

CPS Assessment Information (Must Visit)
PARCC Sample Test
Understanding_MAP Teacher_Reports
RIT Grade Equivalence Achievement Chart
MAP Vocabulary (Must Visit)
Sample Student STAR Plans

Student Discipline Procedures

Parental Contact Log
RTI Anecdotal Form
Student Detention
Detention Narrative Essay
Misconduct Report

Documents & Links

Science Fair
Payroll Services
List of Special Education Acronyms

(The Following Links are Only Accessible at Thorp)

List of Parent PINs
Teacher Information System (Special Merits Form)
 List of Student CPS Usernames (Password is CpsID# i.e. Cps12345678)

Meetings, Agendas and Related Documents Team Meeting Agenda Template How To Videos

 Website: How to Post Your Weekly Page

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  1. Can you find digital copies or the link for the CCSS Content Frameworks Version 2.0 SY 13-14 and post here? I know a PDF and grade level links exist online because I’ve found them randomly at one point. For some reason, I can’t find them again… Summer brain!

    Currently, CPS only has version 1.0 posted online which only shows one of the areas (expressions and equations) for math content. Thanks!

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