Survey: Gets and Gaps (04/12/2013)

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  1. 1.This year we’ve mostly focused on: key ideas and details, summaries, citing relevant text evidence, character analysis, theme, inferences, figurative language, and extended response. We’ve also practiced become active reading and coding the text.
    2.I feel like students have a difficult time identifying key ideas and summarizing. They also have a hard time using context clues and roots to identify unknown vocabulary. The biggest gap I’ve noticed is with extended response. Many students have conflicting ideas of what extended response requires. Grammar is also an area of extreme need.
    3.We need unified grammar books and I’m not totally satisfied with my class novel sets. I want to teach The Color of My Words and A Jar of Dreams. RTI support is also needed.

  2. 8th Grade Reading & Writing

    What concepts were introduced or reinforced at each grade level (be as realistic as possible; if you didn’t do it this year, don’t say that you did).

    • Identifying main idea & supporting details
    • Summary
    • Identifying thesis
    • Locating relevant textual evidence
    • Cause/effect
    • Inference
    • Questioning strategies
    • Figurative language/ Literary devices
    • Connecting texts to other texts/world
    • Narrative structure & writing
    • Persuasive techniques & writing
    • Research strategies & research paper writing
    • APA citation
    • Paraphrasing, direct quotes
    • Outlining

    What gaps do you see in your students. What areas should the grade level before you focus on?

    • Citation
    • Grammar
    • Reading dictionary/part of speech/choosing a definition
    • Recording information from a text
    • Elaboration
    • Contrasting two texts
    • Vocabulary is lacking

    What resources do you think you would need for next year to more effectively address the needs of your students both in remediation as well as enrichment?

    • Devil in the White City
    • More Chew on This
    • 1984
    • Grammar texts

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