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State Superintendent Dr. Tony Smith Visits Thorp

State Superintendent Dr. Tony Smith Visits Thorp

On our 100th day of school this year (February 22nd) we had the honor of having Dr. Tony Smith, State Superintendent of Education and Dr. Karen Corken (Deputy Superintendent of Education) visit us. Our students were able to give our distinguished guests a tour of the building and the learning opportunities evident throughout the school. While Dr. Smith and Dr. Corken were with us, we highlighted how we implement the 5C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Caring) in all of our grade levels. He was able to visit a number of classrooms: In Ms. Plummer’s 1st grade classroom he saw students participating in group level math talks as students challenged each other using grouping strategies on how to get to 100. In Mrs. Galligan’s 7th grade Social Studies class the students were discussing the different enlightenment philosophies (such as federalism, individualism, etc.) that helped influence the writing our  United States Constitution. In Ms. Stefan’s 8th grade classroom, the students discussed the role of social class and race in To Kill a Mockingbird and compared those issues in the story to our world today.

Dr. Smith also saw joined us for recess and heard about the dedicated efforts of our families in helping us build our playground. We also spoke about the educational expectations of excellence for our students both academically as well as socially. We high-lighted the Thorp commitment as well as the importance of school choice and a sense of investment in creating the successful 21st century school.

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