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September 9, 2020 LSC Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy via Zoom video conference

September 9, 2020 at  5:30 pm

Meeting called to order: 5:36 pm

Roll Call

Present: Amy Ellison, Angelica Jacinto, Bill Harmon, Jen Alper, Robert Lee, Joel Paulraj, Naomi Millán, Efren Toledo, David Feller, Ami Thaker, Debbie Dean

Absent: Mahmoud Bambouyanni

Motion to move public participation to just past the principal’s report. Alper motioned, Lee seconded. Unanimous approval.

Approval of minutes:

June 10 — Paulraj motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval. 

June 19 — Lee motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval.

July 1 — Lee motioned, Paulraj seconded. Unanimous approval.

Principal Report

  • Learning at home family communications plan is online. Expectation of highly engaged classrooms and lots of individual engagement. The strategy is to have co-located classrooms, having specials on Wednesdays provides classroom support and substitutes. It also keeps the schedule the same (for when students return to the classroom.)
  • 1st day: Over 96% attendance (797)
  • Grading: At least one grade per week.
  • Emotional supports: counselor is meeting with students on Wednesdays
  • Over the summer, served 600+ meals per day, and the daily check-ins with the counselor were well-attended.
  • There was a COVID-related closure during the week of 8/24, which caused a delay in student material distribution. 
  • Google Classroom set up for parents. Toledo wants PTA to administer it.

Public Participation

  • Parent Q&A regarding: Specials (will always be remote in the hybrid model to maintain social distancing, class sizes are big); not enough instruction minutes; child behavior during virtual class; sensory overload for cluster students; student need for connection.

School Committee Reports

  • PTA: Will share feedback on first few days with administration. The focus this year is on community. Proposed enhanced room parent role to streamline teacher/parent communications, host monthly calls. Working with the counselor on health and wellness initiatives, with guest speakers on social emotional. 
  • Friends of Thorp: Fundraiser at SuperDawg October 5-11. Will donate 20% back to Thorp. Working on Thorp art boards to spell out, “Welcome to O.A.Thorp.”  
  • 7th/8th grade committee: Unclear what will be possible.

LSC Committees

  • PPLC: Committee not yet elected. Discussed grading practices, the effect 0s have on a student’s grade. 
  • CIWP: New AP, Ms. McFarlane, discussed how teachers will be using common curriculum for alignment. Four sessions of professional development for teachers, covering  a range of subjects. 
  • PEC: No meeting yet.
  • Bilingual Advisory Committee: Meeting Sept. 18. All parents are welcome to join, not just ELL.
  • Diverse Learners: No meeting yet.
  • Wellness: Will need to be reconstituted.
  •  Communications: No meeting yet. 
  • Anti-racism: Will need to be constituted. More information on how to join will be in the Friday letter. 
  • Student Council: Ms. Goldstein will lead. Council with reps from 3rd-8th grade. 

New business:

  • Nov. 18 is the LSC election during report card pickup. Nominations have been reopened through October 2. 
  • Consider moving LSC to Zoom. Will help support the spirit of open meetings act. 

Closed session:

Dean motioned to move into closed session for principal evaluation discussion. Alper seconded. Toledo abstained, otherwise unanimous approval. 

Moved into closed session at 7:32 pm. 

Moved out of closed session at 8:10 pm. (Dean motioned, Lee seconded. Unanimous approval.)

Motion to adjourn open session. Dean motioned, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm. 

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