Sept. 17, 2018 LSC Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy 

6024 W. Warwick Ave, Chicago IL, 60634

September 17, 2018 

Video of the meeting is available at

  • Call to order at  5:36 pm

Present: Efren Toledo, Debra Dean, Amy Ellison, Angelica Jacinto (5:43pm), Bill Harmon, Naomi Millán, Robert Lee (5:39 pm), Ami Thaker, Jennifer Alper, Mahmoud Bambouyanni, David Feller (5:39 pm) Absent: Joel Paulraj

  • Agenda approved: Debra Dean motioned, Bill Harmon seconded. Unanimous consent.   
  •  Minutes of 7/2/18 meeting approved. Jennifer Alper motioned, Mahmoud Bambouyanni seconded. Unanimous consent. 

LSC Committee Reports/Discussion 

  •  Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC) 
  •  Jennifer Alper: Holding their election on the Friday after this meeting. General discussion on what PPLC does.

Continuous Improvement Work Plan Committee (CIWP)

  •  No committee has been formally established yet for this cycle. We are at the beginning of the implementation of the CIWP which was created at the end of the 2016-17 school year. Discussed the four priorities: MTSS, Aligned Resources, Restorative Approaches to Discipline, and Rigorous Student Task. 

Principal Evaluation Committee (PEC) 

  • No committee has been established yet. Explained how in most years this committee provides a standard evaluation of the principal. Next year is the contract renewal. 
  •  Bill Harmon nominated as chair of the PEC by Debra Dean. Seconded by Mahmoud Bambouyanni. Unanimous consent. 
  • Robert Lee and David Feller volunteered as committee members. 
  • Amy Ellison and Bill Harmon will meet with Tammy Woods, the immediate past chair of the PEC, for orientation. 

Bi-Lingual Advisory Committee

  • The first meeting yet to be held. Planned for week of September 24, 2018.

Wellness Committee 

  • Amy Ellison is the immediate past chair of this committee. 
  • Four town hall meetings have been established. The first will be October 18, dealing with high school application process. The second will be November 7, on the sex health curriculum. The February town hall with address homework, and the March meeting will address internet/social media. 

School Committee/Organization Reports/Discussion

Friends of Thorp 

  •  Dates for Approval: Fall Fest, Sat, Oct 20, 10am-noon; International Winterfest and Student Entrepreneur Fair, Sat, Dec 8, 10am-12:30pm 
  • Motion to approve: Bill Harmon. Seconded: Jennifer Alper. Unanimous approval.


  •  First meeting was today (Sept. 17), with roughly 30 people in attendance. 
  • Volunteer forms: 400 people received, 8 signed up. 
  • October 15 to 19 is the book fair. Two people have volunteered so far, more needed.

8th Grade Committee

  • Virginia Sabella will be the contact. 
  •  Fundraising will start later on in the semester. 
  •  8th grade overnight is next week. 

7th Grade Committee

  •  Three people have volunteered to chair. 
  • Tentative trip to Washington D.C. is March 28-29.

Principal’s Report

  • Budget:
    •  Budget codes: 115 student-based budgeting, 124 internal accounts (money we raise ourselves), 220 special education
    •  This year we lost a grant to cover after-school programing, so Mr. Toledo will be dipping into funds ($30-35K) to cover rather than charge parents. $50,000 will go to tech acquisition.  $50,000 goes to fund substitute teachers.  Much of what shows as available funds is already allocated. 
    • Attendance has been at 98 percent with no major disciplinary actions. 
    • Faculty:
    •  Focusing on communications styles, per the DISC model. Faculty participated in Amazing Race activity as a team building. Grade-level meetings have been focusing on student leadership.
    •  After-school programing:
    • Thorp Institute this year funded internally, but means not constrained by grant requirements. Most programs should have 20 students. Trying to get more after school programming for primary grades.  Summer Institute did well, expected to grow next summer.
  • Mr. Roberts was asked to introduce himself to the group.
  • Concept of restorative justice was proposed for future agenda and Toledo was asked what the phrase means at the school. Falls under “student leadership” initiatives. 
  •  School will be talking about highlighting student achievement: Monthly student achievement assemblies. More student projects displayed in the hallways. A Kinder “garden” below the cafeteria window.
  • Amy Ellison would like to discuss restorative practices more directly, including what are the choices for discipline. Efren Toledo clarified that “restorative justice” is used in CPS to indicate child-to-child interactions, but that practice can be made clearer. 

New Business

  •  Ad Hoc Communications Committee. Committee to make sure the procedures for LSC minutes, minutes from other committees, and communications between and from the LSC are understood and handled correctly. Naomi Millán to chair. Naomi Millán motioned. Debra Dean seconded. Approved. 
  • Propose to review CIWP at next meeting. 

Public Participation

  • ELA resources
  • Accurate lunch menus

Next LSC meeting is October 10 at 7 am in the library.

  • Concern from faculty about being able to participate. 

Meeting adjourned 6:34 pm.

  • • Bill Harmon motioned, Debra Dean seconded. Approved.