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Sept. 11 LSC Meeting Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy

6024 W. Warwick Ave., Chicago, IL 60634

Sep 11 – 5.30 PM

Roll call: 

Present: Efren Toledo, Ami Thaker, Jennifer Alper, Debra Dean, Amy Ellison, Bill Harmon, Joel Paulraj, David Feller, Angelica Jacinto, 

Absent: Naomi Millan, Mahmoud Bambouyanni

Call to order: 5:35

July minutes approved – Harmon motioned, Dean Seconded, unanimous approval

Agenda approved – Harmon motioned, Dean Seconded, unanimous approval

School Committee/Organization Reports/Discussion:

Friends of Thorp – Fall fest October 19 from 10am – 12 pm – needed LSC approval – Harmon motioned, Lee Seconded, unanimous approval

7th and 8th grade committee – 7th grade DC trip approximately Apr 23 2020

PPLC – discussed elections, 5 signed up, could have up to 7

CIWP – this is a CIWP year to set priorities

  • This will include a working plan for the next 2 school years. Will be covered in Principal report

PEC – Principal contract renewal year – to be completed mid-may 2020 or anytime soon

  • Harmon to continue as chair – Dean motioned, Paulraj seconded, unanimous approval
  • meeting dates to be decided

Bi-lingual Advisory committee – (Jacinto)

  • Will be meeting Friday Sep 13
  • Sep 26 citywide meeting Arturo Velasquez school 
  • Mr. Toledo discussed about a future plan to have Headsets for simulcasting in Spanish – need translator help. (Over 50% kids are from Spanish families and a third are Spanish only speaking parents)

Diverse learners – Focus this year to be a resource for the parents 

Wellness committee (Ellison)

  • Need to decide dates to meet 
  • This years focus would be Sexual health curriculum, High school application and Social media is also a priority.

Communications committee (Paulraj)

  • Meeting date to be decided 

Principal’s report (Mr. Toledo passionately shared his vision for the year)

  • CIWP – discussed communication for participation
  • Discussed having an honorary rep from student council
  • Discussed Title II funding from CPS – not receiving funding this year – not clear on the reason
  • Discussed Facility improvements that were completed and upcoming improvements

Expenditures (presentation by Mr. Toledo)

  • Expansion of Dual Endorsement Program: LBS1, Reading, ESL
  • Discussed partnership with Design Thinking and PBL Oak Ridge Institute Grant
  • Looking to add a Theatre Program with Miracle Center (3 times / week) as an academic program and not just an after school program. Plan for 2 performances per year.

Principal evaluation recommendations

  • Mr. Toledo talked about the use of teacher binder for meetings
  • Mr. Toledo talked about implementing things learned from The University of Chicago’s Network for College Success seminar
  • Mr. Toledo talked about implementing Meeting agendas and address concerns as a unified team
  • Mr. Toledo talked about Team Lead Development and Support System

Presentation on the Road ahead

  • Small group instruction and co-teaching has been done for the last 2 years – plan to continue
  • 4 Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking – added Caring as 5Cs
  • P21 foundation – thorp is a national exemplar
    • Problem based learning
      • Discussed how Thorp is learning through the process
        • 8th grade catapult project involving water balloons – had rain and had to do it inside
        • Discussed an example of a Special needs student that had a great mechanical design for the catapult
    • Discussed Outgrowing labels – gifted students and diverse learners
    • Discussed focus on Leadership 

    5 year goals (Mr. Toledo shared the vision he shared with his teachers)

    • 6 scholastic academy schools (all magnets)- Thorp is #3. Mr. Toledo is focused on getting to #1 – Focus on NWEA scores
    • Discussed DISC profiles and having a good mix of them
    • Financial stability – 124 funds – $300k now would like to get to $1M
    • 100% dual Endorsed Faculty 

    New business:

    Open house 9/24 and 9/25 6-7PM – will include Curriculum overview

    Discussed Parking issues in the neighborhood 
    Motion to adjourn – Dean, Harmon seconded

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