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Sample Student STAR Plan

A STAR plan asks you to consider the Situation, Task, Action and Result in addressing a need or a goal. The sample STAR plan below is for a student above grade level who did NOT achieve his/her growth target.



Sandy Student who is in 4th grade, scored in the 94th percentile in the fall, with a RIT score of 222.  In the winter she scored 221, and dropped to the 90th percentile. She did not meet her winter growth target of 224 and is projected not to meet her spring growth target (ASG) of 227. Her lexile levels also dropped. Sandy is reading at a 7th grade level, she often finishes her work before her peers and is generally one of the top students in the class. I feel that Sandy needs to be challenged a bit more in order to make sure that achieves her growth target for the spring.



I need to differentiate instruction to ensure that Sandy is being stretched and challenged in her learning. Sandy’s goal for Reading in the spring is 227.



-Go over Goal Report with Sandy, highlighting the strand she is weakest in.

-Group Sandy with students who are at a similar RIT level in her weakest strand.

-Review ILP with student going over individual skills.

-During LA small group instruction focus on the curriculum ladders for Sandy’s group.

-Ask about personal choice reading, ensure that the book she is reading is above her reading level but not more than 200 points above her Lexile  level.

-Pre-assess vocabulary list for RIT level 230-240:

pathetic fallacy
standard English

– Assess knowledge of vocabulary with emphasis on contextual understanding.

-Monitor Compass Learning assignments weekly.



-Vocabulary assessments 100% understanding of words

-Compass Learning Completion and Success Rate: At least 4 lessons per week with an 80%+ average.

-Teacher evaluation and assessment during SGI: Continuous questioning with student sharing at least 3-4 answers per SGI teacher center.

-Checking off at least 80% of  skills in Reading ILP.

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