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Ruth and Esther

Recently, our school had some special visitors. Two sisters named Ruth and Esther (maiden name- Spann), came to visit our school, from which they had graduated when they were 15 years old. The sisters were from the Classes of 1938 & 1942! Their principal’s name was Mrs. Marnel. In total, they had 6 siblings, and they all went to Thorp!

As we were giving them a tour of the school, Ruth and Ester also had lots of stories to tell, from the days when they were O.A. Thorp students. As they entered the auditorium, they were in shock and surprise. They recognized the two paintings of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, which were hanging in the same place, when they were students. It was surprising to think that those two paintings have been have been hanging in the same place all of these years!

When asked if anything else in the auditorium was still the same, they responded by telling us that the auditorium has changed a lot but it is very beautiful. Sharing a memory, they said that they put a radio on the stage, and listened to President Franklin declare war the day after the Pearl Harbor attack. Also, if students wanted to take piano lessons, with their music teacher named Ms. Loreta T. Griffen, it would be $0.25 per lesson. Ruth and Ester kindly agreed to be interviewed and there is a video posted above. It was an honor to have them here, and show them around and a great experience listening to their stories!
-Evelyn A.  Amaya M. and Natalia Z.

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