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Remembering 9/11 With Rescue 4

Remembering 9/11 with Rescue 4

On Thursday 10/15 the students of O.A. Thorp Academy will be visited by one of the rescue fire trucks present at the 9/11 terrorist attack. The Remembrance Rescue Project’s¬†immediate goal is to educate children across the country with regards to the history and events of September 11th. The Project is driven to keep the remembrance alive for all fallen firefighters, while preserving the 2 surviving Rescues from 9/11 as mobile teaching tools and memorials. The Rescues will always represent the greatest sacrifice in FDNY, but they are also key artifacts to understanding and remembering the largest tragedy in modern American history. Parents and students will be able to visit Rescue 4 at 9:00 A.M. on Thursday October 15th. We would like to thank Mrs.¬†Gantz and her family for helping arrange this very special event.

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