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Thorp’s Printing Page

In order to print you must be connected to the CPS WiFi Network.


WINDOWS LAPTOP OR DESKTOP If you are on a Windows Workstation (Techco will need to install Mobility Printing).

Windows Mobility Print

CHROMEBOOK: For each Chromebook that you wish to print from you will need to install Mobility Printing. (Just click the link and it will install it.)

Once you have installed it you will see the screen below:

To test you can press Ctrl+P to print. Hold down the Control key and press “p” on the page you would like to print. Please select “PaperCut Printer” as your printer.

To Release:

You will release your print at the Printer/Copier you log into.

If you want to release whatever you printed from your workstation (desktop or laptop) then you would log into Paper Cut to release.

You will need to log in with your CPS username and password to print.

Go to the copier you would like to print at and follow the steps below:

If you are using your cell phone: Click the link below to release your print jobs from your cell phone. Your cellphone must be on the CPS WiFi.

If you are at a laptop or Chromebook: Click the picture below to release your print job to the printer you are nearest to.

You can also just walk to the copier you wish to print from and release your print job by logging into the Chromebook Printer Release Station with your user name and password.

You will see all of your print jobs in the screen below:

Select Print and you will see all of the printers. Select the printer you wish to print from. Your print job will be waiting for you when you arrive at the printer.

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