“Family is the first school for young children, and parents are powerful models.”
– Alice Sterling Honig

Welcome Parents!

Welcome to the OA Thorp Parents’ page, where everything you might need to know about Thorp is at your fingertips. Part of what makes Thorp such a strong community is the consistent level of participation of parents and volunteers. There are many ways to get involved at Thorp, such as joining a parent group or a board. Click on the icons below to learn more about four options for volunteering – Friends of Thorp (FOT), the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the Local School Council (LSC), and Thorp Loves Theatre. Get involved! It’s fun and will ensure Thorp remains a wonderful place for our kids.

Parent Organizations

Friends of Thorp

Parent Teacher Association

Local School Council

Thorp Loves Theatre

Principal Posts

26Oct 18

Thorp Saturday Student Success Seminar

The Thorp Saturday Student Success Seminar is for students in third through eighth grade with a "C" or lower grade in Reading, Writing, Science, Math, and/or Social Studies. We will…

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08Oct 18

Integrated Diverse Learning Initiative

At Thorp Scholastic Academy we have structured our Special Education program to provide services for our students in the least restrictive learning environment possible In order to accomplish this goal,…

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26Sep 18

High School Applications 2018-2019

Welcome back! I hope it has been a good start to the new school year!  I want to welcome everyone to High School Application Process 2018-2019!  My name is Michelle…

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