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Parental Correspondence

Parents below you will find copies of all the information we send home from Thorp Academy as well as the date it was sent.

09/28/2012: Friday’s Letter – Picture Day Monday 10/1, Parental Contact Form, Focus on 21st century skills, Revised CPS Calendar

09/14/2012: Friday’s Letter – MAP Testing, Open House, Picture Day Reschedule

09/07/2012 : Strike Plans, Important Dates in September, New Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures, Lunch Money Collection Procedure.

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  1. Hello Mr Toledo-

    First off welcome to Thorp I am looking forward to meeting you at some point. Secondly, I have 2 questions…the first is regarding drop off locations. Given that Warwick will be closed to car traffic, will it be open or available when it rains/snows? My understanding was the Warwick entrance to the auditorium was the instructions given for inclement weather.

    My second question is regarding student id numbers for the kindergarteners? Is there some way we can get these to the parents as I would like to go through the process of adding my child to my parent portal so that I can have access to their grades, etc.?

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome and the great questions. During inclement weather the East and West Doors will be open and students will be sent to the auditorium. As for Student ID’s for kindergarten students; kindergarteners are not graded on the same system as the rest of the school. You might have access to parent portal but not to their grades. I will be sending correspondence instructing parents on how to log into Parent Portal at the end of the week on Friday.

      Mr. Toledo

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