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Oct. 9 LSC Meeting Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy

6024 W. Warwick Ave., Chicago, IL 60634

October 9, 2019, 7:00 am

Roll call:

Present: Ami Thaker, Efren Toledo, Joel Paulraj, Bill Harmon, Naomi Millan, Amy Ellison, David Feller, Angelica Jacinto

Absent: Robert Lee, Mahmoud Bambouyanni, Jennifer Alper, Debra Dean

LSC members will be noted by last name only for the remainder of the minutes.  

Call to order: 7:07 am 

Approval of agenda: Harmon motioned. Thaker seconded. Unanimous approval.

Approval of minutes: Harmon motioned. Jacinto seconded. Unanimous approval.

Public participation:

– New student council president and vice president were introduced. They will be regularly attending LSC meetings and reporting .

– Personal statement from Ellison supporting CTU in the event of a strike.

School Committee/Organization Reports:

PTA — Board meeting last week. Initial budget set. Book fair is coming up.

Friends of Thorp — Jingle Jam fundraiser, to take the place of WinterFest. Dec. 13, 5:30 pm, potentially at Filament Theater. Harmon motioned to approve. Paulraj seconded. Unanimous approval.

7th/8th grade Committee — Met on Washington D.C. trip. All 46 spots are booked. Upcoming fundraisers to defray cost in October.

LSC Committee Reports:

Professional Personnel Leadership Committee: 1st meeting on the 8th. Initial CIWP conversation. Discussed parents and connection to CIWP. The majority of the conversation focused on staff. Staff is feeling overwhelmed (change in communications, added expectations.) Some teams are more overwhelmed than others. One change has been an increase in accountability, more meetings. Discussed communication plan — was it created in concert with admin? Plan created with team dynamics in mind and with teacher inputs. Ellison requested this new mode of communication be evaluated at some point.

Principal Evaluation Committee: Still looking at what needs to be done in a renewal year.

Bi-Lingual Advisory Committee: New committee was established on September 20. Michelle Torres is the new president. Oct. 11 will be the next meeting. Ellison would like to see the headsets bought with the committees money being used. Perhaps the committee members could do the simultaneous translation.

LSC Committee on Diverse Learners: Planning workshop on Oct. 30 at 8 am, focused on ODLSS, IEPs and 504s. Around 2016-18 there was a denial of services and the Illinois State Board of Education is working out what to do to address the situation. Committee is also focusing on high school transition. The clinician team will take over the autism shirt project.

Wellness Committees and Communications Committees: Still need to be configured.

Principal’s Report:

– MTSS: Need to make sure we’re correctly classifying our diverse learners. Thorp has 16% DL students while the typical is 10%. DL should be seen as a support. Students should move into DL and also move out. Parents are reluctant to move students out. Regardless, goal is to make sure needs are being met. Ellison questioned this idea of trying to classify fewer students as DL. Toledo: We need the least restrictive environment for these students. Wants to move to try every possible intervention before labeling as DL. Some DL students at our school wouldn’t be DL elsewhere.

– So far 3 in-school suspensions, 1 out of school suspension. 97.8% attendance. With suspensions, there is now an “anecdotal form” being used with provides more context and communication for parents.

– A more granular look at grades has led to conversations about what is leading to those grades, especially in the lower levels.

– CIWP: Mr. Roberts will be working more directly on CIWP.

– Problem-based learning. Ex. 1st grade working on biomimicry and germs.

New Business:

Fall Fest (re strike): It’s a parent event, not a school event. Admin will be at the school. Per the principal holding it at the school is not a problem, but will look into it.

The next LSC meeting is at 6:15 pm on November 13, right after report card pickup.

Motion to adjourn (around 8 am?) Paulraj motioned. Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval. 

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