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Oct. 10, 2018 LSC Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy 

6024 W. Warwick Ave, Chicago IL, 60634

October 10, 2018

Video of the meeting is available at

Call to order at 7:06 am.

Roll call — Present: Efren Toledo, Debra Dean, Amy Ellison, Jennifer Alper, Ami Thaker, Bill Harmon, Naomi Millan, Robert Lee, Joel Paulraj, Mahmoud Bambouyanni, Angelica Jacinto

Absent: David Feller 

(For the rest of the minutes, participants will be noted by last name only.)

Approve the September 17 meeting minutes. Harmon motioned, Dean seconded. Unanimous consent. 

Move public participation up on agenda. Dean motioned, Harmon seconded.

Public Participation:

7th grade committee

Last year the trip to Washington D.C. cost around $750 per student. They raised $6500 last year to share among the students to defray costs. This year they are merging fundraising efforts with 8th grade. Several fundraising activities were suggested, such as a dance and dineouts. Specific events/dates TBD. Fundraising efforts will be coordinated across all the organizations. 

PPC (Professional Problems Committee)

Meets every 6 to 8 weeks. Teacher’s top 5 concerns: school cleanliness, changes in teaching assignments, voice not considered in curriculum, parking lot issues, how staff was chosen to work the afterschool program. Toledo asked their minutes be submitted to LSC, and said their concerns had been addressed in their meeting. 


Will be meeting the day before LSC meetings. Their main area of discussion was in defining “restorative justice.” A sub-committee included student council involvement was created to work on concept of “restorative justice.”


Will be reviewed during Principal’s Presentation. 

Principal Evaluation Committee

Harmon will be chair. Tammy Woods has provided her information on past principal evaluation committee efforts to Ellison. Harmon and Ellison will meet in the next few weeks to create a schedule. Meetings will start soon and will meet monthly.


Members were selected last week. Will meet once a month. Location will rotate. Last objective was to get more involvement. About 40 students in Level 1, with total 80 students in bilingual program.

Wellness Committee

First meeting was on Monday. First Town Hall will be on 10/18 on  high school application process. Focus on broadening options beyond selective enrollment schools.

Ad Hoc Communications Committee

Committee focus will change over time. To begin, focusing on LSC communications: making sure communication channels within LSC and externally to stakeholders are optimized. Also established timelines for LSC procedures: Agenda items solicited 10 days prior to LSC meeting with a goal of having agenda posted 4 days before meeting. Principal Report submitted 48 hours before the LSC meeting. LSC minutes available 7 days after the meeting.

Friends of Thorp

Reps not present, but voted on Community Fundraiser. Harmon motion, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval 


Book fair will extend into Fall Fest to replace Family Nights. Proposed Mixed Bag fundraisers to start October 19. This needs a special meeting LSC to vote. Working on getting quotes for Thorp car bumper magnets. 

8th Grade Committee 

7th and 8th grade combining efforts. Taffy Apple fundraiser moving forward. 

Principal’s Report 

Will provide a spotlight. Will not go over the whole report.

Student Progress Monitoring: Will track grades every 5 weeks. Will focus on the D and F students. The attendance rate is also shown on this page. Average is 96.5% so far. The point is to figure out why the kids are failing. Is it due to academics or executive functioning?

Whole-school Integrated DL Initiative: Most of the 3rd and 4th grade teachers are double credentialed. There’s an inclusion teacher assigned to the grade level. 3rd and 4th grade teachers are serving as general education and DL teachers. This will become the model school wide. This presents a challenge for the teachers because with dual roles come dual responsibilities. It was requested that this initiative be reported back into the LSC after the 1st semester to see how things are going and what additional resources are needed, if any. 

Rigorous Student Task (CIWP objective): 7th and 8th grade algebra. Historically, 9th grade algebra has been challenging for the kids when they start high school. By exposing them in 7th and 8th grade expected to improve high school performance. 

Budget: Still have not received 225 rollover funds. Expected in November. Toledo to ask for budget transfer to cover the shortfall. 

Discussed water fountains. School was given 18,000 in budget for discretionary O&M. Known needs include broken storm water sewer line, installation of water fountain, installing LEDs. 

Discussed making sure aligned resources are part of ongoing CIWP discussion.

New Business:

Chamber of Commerce meeting at Thorp Nov. 20th at 8 am. No LSC vote needed.

PTA – Bringing Reflections program back this year, “Heroes Around Me.” Seven submissions last year, one made it to state. Looking for volunteers and more participation. Submissions are due November 12. Projects will be displayed at parent report card pickup. 

(Bambouyanni left at 8:23 am)

Vote on budget transfer at the next meeting. 

Old Business:

School lunches. More accurate menu than what’s provided by CPS will be posted under the Parents tab on website. 

Discussed whether 7 am meetings are a good fit. Will give it at least another try with the December meeting. 

Adjourned 8:32 am. Dean motioned, Paulraj seconded. Unanimous approval. 

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