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NWEA Testing Resources 2019

NWEA Testing Resources 2019

Throughout the year, your child’s teacher has been focusing on the 5C’s in the classroom. At Thorp we know that good instructional practices that emphasize communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity will prepare your child for the future. We focus on creating an environment where challenging and engaging student experiences drive our instruction.   It is these experiences that will help ensure your child’s success on any standardized test. However, we also know that in Chicago a student’s NWEA MAP score is used in demonstrating growth and it is also the main factor in determining selective enrollment placement. We are providing parents with resources to help their child outside of school.

Below are the schedules and additional resources you may want to peruse:

EOY MAP Testing Dates second week of May through the second week of June 

Grades 3, 6, 8 Must complete testing prior to June 1st. 

Computer Based Learning: ST Math, Compass Learning Both of these programs are aligned to your child’s MAP score and your child should be working at least 30 minutes per week even if not assigned in the classroom. Your child should know their passwords. To log into Compass Learning your child should use their username (without  for both user and password. The school is “CPS”. All computer based programs can be found at

Individualized Learning Paths for your child are correlated with your child’s MAP scores. In order to help ensure growth please look at both the level where your child is at and the next 10 point MAP level band. For instance, if your child is at a 210 then you should be looking at the vocabulary and skills both at the 201-210 as well as the 211-220 levels.

NWEA MAP Testing Resources:

Parent Resources

Vocabulary by RIT

Khan Academy Activities based on RIT Score

Khan Academy Math Resources  (Please log in under Clever)
Additional Resources:

Sample NWEA Questions by RIT Score

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