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November 13, 2019 LSC Meeting Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy

6024 W. Warwick Ave., Chicago, IL 60634

November 13, 2019, 6:15 pm

Roll call:

Present: Ami Thaker, Efren Toledo, Joel Paulraj, Bill Harmon, Naomi Millan, Angelica Jacinto, Robert Lee, Jennifer Alper, Debra Dean,

Absent: Mahmoud Bambouyanni, David Feller, Amy Ellison

LSC members will be noted by last name only for the remainder of the minutes.  

Call to order: 6:25 pm

Approval of agenda and minutes. Dean motioned, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval. 

Thorp teacher’s message to parents. 

  • Alper read. Message regarded the recently ended strike. 

School Committee/Organization Reports:


  • No update

Friends of Thorp

  • Winter fundraiser reverting to WinterFest. Paulraj motioned to approve. Dean seconded. Unanimous approval. 

7th and 8th grade committee

  • Fundraising with Culver’s coupons sale. Joe Basilione is potentially working up a community discount card fundraiser. Need male chaperones for the D.C. Trip. 

LSC Committee Reports:


  • Focused on SQRP, and the drop from Level 1+ to Level 1.


  • Jason Roberts will be leading the CIWP effort this year. The first meeting dealt with reframing the process, from a linear to cyclic. Specifically will be identifying problems in practice and directly linking the CIWP to student learning with continuous measurement.


  • Needs to meet. Will meet Dec. 3 at 7 am. LSC has between December and May to make an offer. 

Bi-Lingual Advisory Committee

  • Next meeting will be in December. 

LSC Committee on Diverse Learners

  • Next meeting will be 12/6, focusing on IEPs and also ODLSS rep will be present to talk about parent rights. 

Wellness Committee

  • No update

Communications Committee

  • Toledo would like school management software suggestions. Would have to work with Aspen. 

Principal Report

  • SQRP. School Quality Ratings Policy. Score dropped from 1+ to 1. Discussed various reasons for why this was. Access test was counted this year and was 23.1%. 
  • We are only moderately organized for the 5 essentials, which is an “easy target to improve.”
  • We have more bilingual students and 25% met targets, compared to last year 72% meeting target. 
  • “We have been the number 1 for growth and attainment in District 1, and will work to get back to that.” However, we are not going to be “test prep elementary.”

New Business

  • Kindergarten is revamping unit on Native Americans pursuant parent feedback on social media. 
  • Staff shifts in 5th grade, 8th, and 7th to cover maternity leave.
  • Millan brought up a parent’s concern over the 5th grade NWEA scores. Historic dip in 5th grade, but this year greater than years past. Faculty looking into the issue.
  • Millan brought up overdue facility assessment. No known ETA on when that will be completed by CPS.

No old business. 

Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm. Dean motioned, Paulraj seconded. 

Next LSC Meeting is December 11, at 7 am.

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