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Mr. Toledo’s Welcome Back Letter

Mr. Toledo’s Welcome Back Letter

I want to welcome you to O.A. Thorp for the 2014-15 school year. I hope you have had an enjoyable summer so far. This summer our family took a vacation to Florida. We visited the traditional Florida vacation sites like Disney World and Universal Studios, but we also visited some non-traditional places like Lake Apopka in central Florida. Lake Apopka used to be one of Florida’s largest lakes, second only to Lake Okeechobee. People would travel from all over the country to fish and vacation at Lake Apopka, but years of pollution from industrial farming and pesticides led to the destruction of the lake’s biome. A lake filled with fish and wildlife became a virtual wasteland. In the early 1990’s the state began a program to restore the lake, and it was interesting for us to see the progress – the water is still pretty polluted, but fish and wildlife are beginning to make a comeback. For more information visit:

Lake Apopka

(Lucy thinks you should read to your pet!)

(The Toledo’s at Disney)

 I hope that you have had fun with your family too – and I look forward to hear about what you have done this summer. I also hope that you have read at least one good book. Here are the Toledo family recommendations for the summer: Mrs. Toledo recommends The Crayon Box that Talked for students in K-2, Gabriel likes adventure/mystery stories and he recommends: Chasing Vermeer (appropriate for grades 4 to 8). Monica read The Fault in Our Stars (appropriate for grades 7-8). I read Frindle (appropriate for grades 3 to 6). Our dog, Lucy, thinks that The Pigeon wants a Puppy was hilarious. She recommends that you read it to your dog; but she says to please make sure to take time and show your dog the pictures. Parents for more book (and movie) recommendations check out:
If you are a new student to Thorp, as a Thorp Eagle, I expect you to SOAR – be Supportive, Organized, Attentive and Responsible. I know you will be challenged at Thorp, but you will love your new classes and the friends that you will make. I cannot wait to meet you!  For those returning to Thorp;I know I say this every year, but. . . This year is going to be the best one ever! Helping you learn and grow is the reason why your teachers and I do our job and we cannot wait to see how much fun you are going to have showing us what you’re learning.

A few more newsworthy items: You should know your knew homeroom by now. If you do not know it please call the office and we will be glad to help.  If you have not bought your school supplies yet, please check the website for your supply list.  Please let your parents know that everyone at CPS will have free school lunches this year. More information will be sent home during the first week of school. By the way, school starts on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Students can enter the auditorium as early as 7:30AM, but our day starts promptly at 7:45AM. There will be a special “Welcome” section for our new students (grades 1-8) in the auditorium.  We will have our kindergarten students meet their teachers outside on the east playground. Kindergarten parents will receive another letter explaining our Kindergarten orientation on August 28th. Dismissal occurs at 2:45PM. There is a copy of the school year calendar right here. Make sure to check the Thorp website for any last minute changes: I look forward to seeing you soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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