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May 13 and 18, 2020, LSC Meeting Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy via Zoom video conference

May 13, 2020 at  7:00 am

Call to order: 7:07 am 

Present: Ami Thaker, Naomi Millan, Amy Ellison, Jennifer Alper, Debra Dean, Efren Toledo, Bill Harmon, Angelica Jacinto, David Feller

Absent: Mahmoud Bambouyanni,  Joel Paulraj, Robert Lee

Approve the agenda: Alper motioned, Harmon seconded.Unanimous approval.

Approve the April minutes: Dean motioned, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval.

Public Participation: none

Ellison moved budget vote until later. Have until the 19th.

Principal Presentation:

  • Budget recap (LINK) including an overview of year’s budget initiatives, noted financial stability due to goal of saving $1 million in discretionary funds (124). 
  • Goal of 100% dual endorsed faculty, whether ESL, LBS1, BIL
  • CPS budget overview: Budget increased 3% to align w/teacher salary increase. However, many things were not funded but should not negatively impact Thorp. The drop in Kinder enrollment will not immediately affect budget, but staggering enrollment will eventually be needed. 
  • Thorp received additional 3 DL positions and a case manager position funded through CPS. School has about 135 students with IEPs, about 15% of population. 
  • We have nurses two days per week.
  • Our qualifying for free-reduced meals went down to 41% (from 48%). Our poverty rate went down, not that documentation was not completed. 
  • Increase of almost $1 million in special education funding. 
  • Overall, the budget is good for Thorp. Also positive increase in internal accounts due to tech insurance fee ($5,000). Student fees have been flat for 6 years. Average 20K in 124 fund from aftercare program.
  • Toledo mentioned building the tech fee into the student fee as a possibility for future meeting.
  • Bad news: COVID will likely affect the budget at some point; did not get the After School All Stars; and continued shared engineer with Beard. 
  • Current student fee shortfalls of over $20 K. Normally this gap closes at yearbook distribution.
  • CIWP Goals 2020-2022: Increased performance outcomes for ELL, quality of professional development, student voice, common grading practices, curriculum alignment. 
  • Other goals: WIN needs to be tweaked. Not turning out to be the enrichment period originally envisioned. Expansion of DL instructional practice program beyond 4th grade. Algebra endorsement for all math teachers. 
  • Facilities: Renewed campus plan still top priority. Blinds on east side need to be replaced. 
  • Q+A: 
    • Clarification around DL instruction: The norm is a general education degree plus special education endorsement. 
    • Question regarding internal accounts (124): A bit protected from appropriation because it came from the parents. Magnet positions in budget might go away because that’s a year to year.

Motion to move vote to adopt budget to 5/18 at 5:30 pm: Ellison motioned, Dean seconded. Unanimous. 

School Committee/Organization Report

  • PTA: sent out Amazon GCs to teachers and staff. Did a raffle. Talking about lawn signs for 8th grade graduates.
  • FoT: Board elections next month. Thanks to Mr. Arroyo for creating marketing around local Thorp supporting businesses. 
  • 7th/8th grade: Trips being refunded. Still working on a safe socially-distanced graduation, but needs approval. Live stream graduation with cap/gown. 
  • Student council: There was a meeting. Getting involved with morning announcements. 
  • PPLC: Vertical alignment planning for ESL. All Reading teachers K-8 are working on a vertical planning overview. The overview is a breakdown of what the Reading teachers are teaching quarterly. 
  • CIWP: Motion to vote to approve CIWP priorities. Dean motioned, Alper seconded. Vote to approve priorities received ayes from Toledo, Alper, Millan, Dean, and Ellison. Vote needs to be tabled until quorum achievable.
  • PEC: Met on Monday. Will meet on Thursday at 5:30 pm. 
  • Bi-lingual: No virtual meeting yet. 

LSC Committees

  • Diverse Learners: Dean read message from Mrs. Zigmund. What are ways to prepare for next year?
  • Wellness: Plan to have a meeting by the end of the school year. Sessions with Ms. Goldstein are getting a lot of engagement. 
  • Communications: Might have a meeting before the end of the school year. 

New Business: None

Old Business: None

Next LSC Meeting: June 10 5:30 pm.

Motion to adjourn: 9:04 am. Harmon motioned, Dean seconded. Unanimous approval.

LSC Special Meeting 

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy via Zoom video conference

May 13, 2020 at 5:30 pm.

Present: Ami Thaker, Naomi Millan, Amy Ellison, Jennifer Alper, Debra Dean, Efren Toledo, Bill Harmon, Angelica Jacinto, Joel Paulraj, Robert Lee, 

Absent: Mahmoud Bambouyanni,  David Feller (joined at 5:51 pm due to technical difficulty)

Call to order: 5:36 pm

Public participation: none

Motion to approve the 20-21 budget: Dean motioned, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval.

Motion to approve CIWP priorities for 2020-22: Dean motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval. 

Misc: Paulraj asked about the LSC elections (TBD) and the grading policy for remote learning was discussed. 

Motion to adjourn: Feller motioned, Paulraj seconded.  Unanimous approval. 

Adjourned 5:52 pm.

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