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LSC Election 2022

LSC Election 2022

LSC Forum

Our candidate videos are linked below:

NameMember Type
Jennifer L AlperTEACHER
Matthew C CapozzoliPARENT
Tiffany C CottonPARENT
Vincent CoughlinTEACHER
Dorothy KwiatkowskiPARENT
Kristine A LimanniSTAFF
Mahmoud Bamboayani COMMUNITY
Nadim J Osman WithdrawnCOMMUNITY
Joel PaulrajPARENT
Kristen N PenkrotPARENT
Ryan J RichterPARENT
Gary E StantonPARENT
Kinga H WitekPARENT

Thank you for joining us for our on-line LSC Forum. Click here for our LSC Forum on March 24, 2022. Our LSC election will be on April 20th from 6:00AM to 7:00PM. A sample ballot is shown below.

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