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LSC Candidates 2020

We will have the LSC videos available on-line and you will be able to meet the candidates. The candidate videos will be located here. Our parent candidates are: Shelly Cwokowski (00:13), Gabriel Nechifor (15:05), Joel Paulraj (11:12), Angelica Jacinto, Amy Ellison (06:25), and Robert Lee (04:37). Our community candidates are: David Feller and Mahmoud Bambouyani.

Here is a copy of the sample ballot you will receive in the mail.  See a copy of the  ballot

 Parent and Guardian Voters (In-person or Mail-in): 

  • All parents/guardians will be sent a mail-in ballot with a pre-paid return envelope. 
  • The mail-in ballots must be received by 7:00 p.m. on the date of the election ( November 18 ).
  • Parents can also drop off their mail-in ballot at their school up to the date of the election. 
  • The district will use Aspen data to send every CPS parent or guardian a mail-in ballot and prepaid return envelope by the week of November 2.
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