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O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy

Monday, September 19, 2016 @ 7:00am

Attendees: Tim A., Monica D., Tim D., Tammy W., Jerry C., Efren T., Amy E., Debbie D.

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Agenda
    • Motion to amend the agenda to include public participation as well as old and new business Motioned: Jerry C., Seconded: Tammy W.
    • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent
    • Motion to approve the agenda as amended by Jerry. Motioned: Tim A. *, *Seconded: Amy A.
    • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent
  • Public comment
    • Mary would like to setup a Saturday morning coffee to give some info. Currently thinking Oct. 1st., will coordinate with Joe on times. Will reach out to Sposato, Arena, and Villegas. Informational picketing Wednesday as well.
  • New Business
    • Movement of funds from internal accounts to 124 in order to pay for the aftercare program. (~30k)
  • Old Business
    • Jerry C. expressed concern about staffing changes. Asked about the first grade hire being from a parochial background instead of CPS. Mr. Toledo discussed the interview process which included CPS teachers, and that the hire was by far the most qualified. Tammy and Ms. Dean concurred with that assessment. Jerry further expressed concern with the move of the science position and the fact that instead of hiring a qualified 2nd grade position Mr. Toledo moved Mr. Robles from seventh grade. Mr. Toledo responded that he was not able to hire a second grade position because the previous teacher left unexpectedly, which forced an internal hire because there was no position to offer a candidate and the former teacher was unwilling to work with them on transition. Further, Mr. Robles was contacted in July to let him know about the changes and Mr. T had no response from him. The final decision was made in conjunction with the administrative team and with labor. Mr. T expressed that leaving in this way was an intentional move by teacher. Jerry also expressed concern on the hiring plan moving forward with hiring half-time personnel and retired teachers. That the level of commitment is different if you do that versus hiring full time staff. Mr. T acknowledged the point of commitment but believes that this is necessary given the current fiscal situation. He believes having two people doing the job creates an advantage over a single full time person in terms of flexibility and support of students, and that furthermore he was not intending to hire half time positions for teaching staff. Mr. T also clarified the half time bilingual position, as OLCE (Office of Language and Cultural Education) will no longer pay for administrative positions. Ms. Arredondo had been serving as the bilingual coordinator, but without OLCE funds we will be required to open a new position to fill the need. Jerry also asked for clarification of Ms. Hunt’s exit, he had not seen the resignation letter. Mr. T clarified that he received no notice of the retirement until her letter and was saddened by it. He had hoped she would be expanding her role via co-teaching.
    • Items to Be Voted
      1. Friends of Thorp March 25, 2017 @ Biagios Banquets
        • Motion to approve the FoT Biagos Fundraiser Motioned: Monica D., *Seconded: Tammy W. *
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent
      2. Fundraiser for Leukemia Foundation: Baker Square Pie Cards
        • Motion to approve the Baker Square Pie Cards fundraiser for Leukemia Foundation Motioned: Tammy W., Seconded: Debbie D.
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent
      3. Fundraising for research on Loeys-Dietz in support of Noah Padilla on 10/26/2016
        • Motion to approve Loeys-Dietz fundraiser Motioned: Debbie D., *Seconded: Tammy W. *
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent
      4. Budget transfers and allocations of 115 (Student Based Budgeting) and 225 (Supplemental General State Aid) funds to allow additional support personnel and paraprofessionals.
        • Motion to approve the allocation of 115 (Student Based Budgeting, SBB) funds to provide instructional support personnel via retired teachers ($25k) Motioned: Tammy W., Seconded: Tim D.
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent, 1 abstention (Jerry C.)
        • Motion to move full funding of Ms. Gomez position to 115 (SBB) (~$40K) Motioned: Tammy W., Seconded: Monica D.
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent, 1 abstention (Jerry C.)
        • Motion to hire a .5 bilingual coordinator from 115 (SBB) funds Motioned: Tammy W., Seconded: Debbie D.
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent, 1 abstention (Jerry C.)
        • Motion to allocate rollover 225 (Supplemental General State Aid, SGSA) funds to an 2 .5 paraprofessional positions (~$60k) Motioned: Debbie D., Seconded: Tammy W.
        • Vote: passed w/unanimous consent, 1 abstention (Jerry C.)
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