LSC Meetings and Agendas

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy’s LSC Information

Albino Robles – T
 Jennifer Alper – T
Debbie Dean – N
Jerry Chaet – C
Jason Quaglia – C
Tim Decker – P
Tammy Woods – P
Timothy Alexander – P
Monica Dunleavy – P (Chair)
George Marinoff – P
Amy Ellison – P
Efren Toledo – Principal
T – Teacher
P – Parent
C – Community
N – Non-Teacher Staff


2016-2017 LSC Meeting minutes will be available here.

2015-2016 LSC Meetings

June 13th – Agenda

May 9th – AgendaMinutes

April 11th – Minutes

March 14th – Agenda,

February 8th – AgendaMinutes

December 14th – AgendaMinutes

November 9th – Agenda, Minutes

October 19th – AgendaMinutes

September 14th – Agenda, Minutes

June 01 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

2014 – 2015 LSC Meetings

July 23 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

August – No Meeting Scheduled

September 8 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

October 6 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

November 3 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

December 1 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

January – No Meeting Scheduled

February 2 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

March 2 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

April 13 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

May 4 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

June 1 – Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

2013 -2014 Meetings

July – LSC-Principal Report 7-16-2013

August – No Meeting Scheduled

September – LSC-Principal Report 9-11-2013LSC Minutes 9.11.13

October – LSC-Principal Report 10-02-2013LSC Minutes 10.2.13LSC Minutes 10.17.12

November –   LSC-Principal Report 11-06-2013  LSC Minutes 11.06.2013,

December – LSC-Principal Report 12-04-2013LSC Minutes 12.04.2013

January – No Meeting Scheduled

February – LSC-Principal Report 2-05-2014, LSC 2.05.2014 Minutes

March – LSC Principal Report, LSC Minutes

April – LSC Principal Report, LSC Minutes

May – LSC Principal Report, LSC Minutes

June – LSC Principal Report, LSC Minutes


2012-13 Meetings

July  – Meeting Agenda,  MinutesPrincipal Report

August – No Meeting Scheduled

September  – Meeting Agenda, MinutesPrincipal Report

October  – Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

November – Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

December – Special Meeting Agenda, Minutes

January – Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

February – Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

March – Meeting, Agenda, LSC Minutes 3.13.13Principal Report

April- Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Principal Report

May- Meeting, Agenda, LSC Minutes 5.15.13, Principal Report

June- Meeting, Agenda, LSC Minutes 6.12.13, Principal Report


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  1. Can anyone please let me know the color uniform that the Kindergarteners are to wear. This is my first experience with CPS and there is no place on this website that gives guidelines to the uniform policy.

  2. Will the LSC be posting the documents handed out at its meetings on the website? That would be wonderful!

  3. It would be really wonderful and helpful if the LSC could post its agenda, minutes, principal’s report and handouts here, after each meeting.

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