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LSC Meeting Minutes and Agenda 06/10/2020


LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy via Zoom video conference

June 10, 2020 at  5:30 pm

Call to order: 5:33 pm 

Present: Ami Thaker, Naomi Millan, Amy Ellison, Jennifer Alper, Debra Dean, Efren Toledo, Bill Harmon, Angelica Jacinto, David Feller, Mahmoud Bambouyanni,  Joel Paulraj, Robert Lee

Approve the agenda: Paulraj motioned, Lee seconded. Unanimous approval. 

Approve the May minutes: Lee motioned, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval.

Public participation:

— Mr. Roberts transitioning to Lakeview HS.

— Parent comment in support of anti-racism education. 

— Parent question regarding plans for committees on anti-racism/equity, and remote learning. A: Fall is being figured out. Anti-racism is often discussed. On NW side, Thorp has the highest percentage of African American students. Lee brought up that we must talk about “the hard things. We have to be able to have these tough conversations.” Alper brought up that teachers are unclear on what they can talk about or not. Starting a committee was discussed. 

— Ellison mentioned procedures about LSC elections. 

Principal Report:

— CIWP: First moves into e-learning were difficult. Most students have access to technology. However, a large spike (almost triple) in Ds and Fs was seen at progress reports. 85-90% of students were checking in consistently, and 70% were doing their work. 

— Aligned resources: SECAs have become vital for remote education.

— Leadership and Collective Responsibility: Near 100% participation from teachers on online tools.

— Hiring 5th grade math teacher. Ms. K moving to 7th/8th. 

— Student fee shortfall continues but internal accounts are healthy. Currently around $700,000.

— Ellison asked if we can survey to see what’s going on [with distance learning?]. Toledo says there is an ongoing survey with the parents in the Friday Letter. 

Committee Reports:

—PTA: Toledo discussed supports they’ll provide to graduation like the photo arch.

—FoT: Thinking of pushing officer elections back. Maybe focusing on multicultural events next year. 

7th/8th grade: Virtual graduation video. Ellison brought up concern of parents wanting to be involved in programming decisions. 

PPLC: Meeting next week. Will discuss curriculum for helping students navigate current events and e-learning. 

CIWP: Pretty much finished.

PEC: Will discuss evaluation with Toledo.

Bi-lingual: Talked about multiculturalism. Virtual classroom and additional video support. 

Wellness: Could align with anti-racism efforts. 

Communication: No meeting. 

New business:

— Organizational meeting needs to happen in July and meeting dates need to be established. Weds. July 1, 7:30 am decided. 

— LSC statement that acknowledges institutional racism and that Black lives matter at Thorp. We will move forward with grounding Thorp in addressing that. Vote on agreement that the LSC supports the statement and are signatories to it: Lee motioned, Dean seconded. Unanimous approval. LSC also consents to forming a committee on anti-racist practices. 

Old business:

—  Move into closed session to review principal evaluation. Dean motioned, Bambouyani seconded. Unanimous approval. (Secretary failed to note time.) 

— Move to adjourn closed session and return to open session, and subsequently adjourn. Dean motioned, Lee seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm. 

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