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LSC MEETING – 20171010

 OA Thorp Scholastic Academy School

Local School Council Meeting @ 6024 W Warwick Ave

Monthly Meeting

October 10, 2017 @ 5:30pm


5:30pm – 5:35pm:                                 Call to Order & Roll call/Establish A Quorm

Members in Attendance: A. Ellison, G. Marinoff., T Woods, A. Robles, D. Dean., E. Toledo, J. Quaglia.

5:35pm – 5:40pm:                                 Approve Agenda and previous minutes

Motion to approve agenda Motioned: T. Woods , Seconded: G Marinoff

Vote: passed w/unanimous consent


5:40pm – 5:50pm:                                 Organizational business:

Nomination and selection of FOIA representative Nomination and selection of the FOIA representative

* Tabled until next meeting so J. Chaet. can be present.



5:50pm – 6:05pm:                                 Principal’s Report including CIWP updates)


The October Principal Report was given by Mrs. Arredondo. Mr. Toledo stated that in response to LSC feedback and in order to streamline his reports they would conitue to be delivered to all LSC members via email but another member of the staff will be presententing his monthly principal report. Mr. Toledo would then open the floor to questions from the LSC and audience members.


Highlights from the Report:


Writing – Ms. Moline gave a brief review of how writing is being implemented across the curriculum. A discussion was had about the fact that the writing grade is now an aggregate of the Writing averages in LA, SS, Science and Math. A question was raised by A. Ellsion about the double weight of the assignments. Students have been informed (and presumably) parents as well but a communication will be sent out explaining the Writing grade to parents.


DL Funding – The appeal for additional special education staff was denied. Mr. Toledo expressed that he was not surprised with the denial given the state of DL funding systemen-wide. However, there are a number of contingency plans in place. Mr. Toledo will be hiring additional tutors to serve as individual aides for students (especially if the needs are  centered on redirection and behavior). Mrs. Alper brought up that 8th grade students are not receiving support from a DL teacher and that they feel the Dr. Chambers should provide that support. Mr. Toledo mentioned that the students have had support from an experienced displaced CPS teacher and that Mrs. Powers will eventually have the DL position. Dr. Chambers has monitored all IEP compliance and additional supports in the classroom are being implemented to ensure IEP minutes are being met. (From the Q&A Session at the end of the Princiapl’s Report: A. Ellison the state of special education funding is a concern. She was wondering if there is anything that our parents can do. Should parents file a lawsuit against CPS. Mr. Toledo stated that we were trying to do everything we could to ensure student needs were being met. Mr. Toledo stated that the cost of a one-on-one aide is around $50K. It is untenable to staff at least 15 one-on-one aides for our students. Therefore we will be utilizing other staff members to provide support. Mr. Toledo mentioned that most tutors were currently enrolled in college seeking an education degree.  The total cost for 6 tutors will be around $65K for the year. Mr. Toledo is planning on increasing the tutors to 9 tutors to provide addditonal support.)


PPLC / ILT – Mr. Toledo mentioned that in order to demonstrate trust in the faculty as well as to cut down on meetings for school leaders he proposed to the LSC teacher representatives and the ILT that the two committees be merged.  ILT members would no longer be paid but the PPLC –ILT cmte would have additional PD opportunities available to them. PPLC elections would be held the following week.


Budget Report: Internal Accounts for September will be available for the next LSC meeting. Mr. Toledo gava a review of all funds with their funds available. Specific amounts can be found on the principal’s report.



6:05pm – 6:15pm                                  Public Participation/Announcements


A parent asked if communications were going out to parents after drills as recommended by the Communication Cmte. Mr. Toledo said that after every fire drill parents are notified via our email distribution list as well as CPS Blackboard Connect for SMS messages. T. Woods mentioned that texts were not received but emails were. Mr. Toledo said he would investigate why text messages were not working.


A parent mentioned that she would be interested in bringing an Agriculture in the Classroom program. The parent was told of our Farm to School initiative by J Quaglis. The parent also commented on our 8th grade Bulb fundraising to ask if we were getting 50%. Mr. Toledo said that we were. He also encouraged the parent to email him with further suggestions.


6:15pm – 6:25pm                                  Committee Discussion:


CIWP – Mr. Toledo mentioned that the ILT was informed that this would be a CIWP Writing year and they were encouraged to look through the existing documents at


Communications – Alghoogh not a separate committee the concerns regarding communications with parents after drills were noted.


Wellness Cmte. – A. Ellison stated that the Wellness Cmte would be established within the next two months. Communication regarding the cmte should be sent home via the Friday Letter.




6:15pm – 6:30pm:                                 LSC Committees Updates & Reports:


Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC) – PPLC – Vote this Friday. Discussion on joining ILT and PPLC as one group was reported to the LSC.


Principal Evaluation Committee (PEC) – The PEC discussed the main points for improvements for next year based on last year’s principal evaluation. T Woods stated that the committee has a good understanding of what we are looking for in each of the requirements. Mr. Toledo expressed that  he is looking forward to working with the committee throughout  the year rather than just during the end of year evaluation period.


Friends of Thorp (FOT) – Taste of Thorp (to be renamed) wil occur on April 13th. FoT meetings occur every 3rd Wednesday. Volunteers are still needed for the Fall Fest.


PTA – Bookfair Sales were in excess of $10K. PTA will be working on installing the sound proofing in the cafeteria date TBD.


8Th grade Committee – Successful nights for both the overnight trip as well as the class bowling trip.


6:30pm – 6:45pm:                                                                                                       

                                                            New Business:



Budget for Maintence Repairs – Mr. Toledo mentioned the boken pipe and celing by 104. Contractors have been called and will be repairing it soon.


6:45pm – 6:55pm:                                Old Buisness:


Budget Priorities – LED sign Friends of Thorp wished to purchase it. Mr. Toledo mentioned that a large expense may be the trench from the building to the sign.


Balcony repairs – Lack of contractors willing to do the work.



New Theater Porgram – There is no new theatre program. Windy City will continue having two productions at Thorp. Filament Theatre will be working with our 7th & 8th graders as part of our 100 Yearrs of Thorp celebration. They will help develop and produce along with the teachers a play focused on alumni vignettes for Thorp’s previous 100 years.



Farm to school – J. Quaglia metioned that we would like to continue our FTS efforts hie also spoke with the parent who teaches environmental science (in the parent participation) about other initiatives.



Alumni / 100 Year Anniversary: Mr. Toledo stated that there are four major events planned: A Teacher Talen


Open Parent representative for LSC: LSC Parent Candidates : Cam Twohey, Bill Harmon and Jennifer Jones all presented before the LSC. Two other parents were not present but indicated that they wished to run.



6:55pm-7:25pm                                  Items up for Vote:


FoT Taste of Thorp evenging fundraiser April 13th: Motion to allow FoT to hold their annual evening fundraising event (formerly known as Taste of Thorp). D Dean; Seconded: G Marinoff; Vote passed: unanimous consent


Power Packs: Motioin to allow 8th grade cmte to collect toiletries for the Power Pack at Fall Fest. A. Ellison; Seconded: J Quaglia; Vote Passed: unanimous consent.


Continue Thorp After-Care Fiundraising: Motion to allow Thorp After-Care to continue raising funds for the school and providing a service to our parents and students. G Marinoff; Seconded: J Alper


Vote on LSC Parent representative (tabled to Monday 10/16 to allow all parents interested to present before the LSC).


7:25pm                        Follow-up items from principal review (covered in PEC cmte report)


7:28pm:                       Adjourn


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