Every Chicago public school has a Local School Council (LSC) which consists of parents, community members, teachers, and the principal of the school. All members of the council are elected and conduct monthly meetings which the public can attend.

Local school councils are the site based management team of each school. Their primary responsibility is to select the school’s principal, renew the principal’s contract, approve the School Improvement Plan (CIWP) and approve the school’s budget for the school year.

We love to see parents and members of the public at LSC meetings. All are welcome. If you have a question or concern and can’t make a meeting though you can also reach out to us via the LSC Suggestion Box.

LSC Minute

Our LSC, like most, is made up of twelve members: six parents, two members of the community, two teachers, one non-teaching staff member, and our principal Mr. Toledo. Here’s our current roster:

Albino Robles – T
Jennifer Alper – T
Debbie Dean – N
Jerry Chaet – C
Jason Quaglia – C
Vacant – P
Tammy Woods – P
Timothy Alexander – P (Secretary)
Monica Dunleavy – P (Chair)
George Marinoff – P
Amy Ellison – P
Efren Toledo – Principal

T – Teacher
P – Parent
C – Community
N – Non-Teacher Staff

Official LSC Minutes

14Mar 18

LSC MEETING – 20180213

OA Thorp Scholastic Academy Tuesday, February 13th 2018 @ 5:30pm Attendees: Tim A., Amy E., Tammy W., George M., Mr. Robles, Jerry C., Ms. Alper, Efren T., Debbie D. Called…

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06Mar 18

LSC Elections 2018

Thorp parents can vote for up to 5 candidates (from either the community or parent categories) on report card pickup day 4/18, from 6:00am to 7:00pm.The Local School Council is…

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14Feb 18

LSC MEETING – 20171217

OA Thorp Scholastic Academy School Local School Council Meeting at 6024 Warwick Ave     In attendance: Monica Dunleavy-Gerster, Tammy Woods, Amy Ellison, George Marinoff, Efren Toledo (Principal), Jennifer Alper,…

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