Kindergarten Orientation


Our kindergarten orientation will occur on August 30th at 9:00AM. Please meet in the auditorium and bring all of your child’s school supplies. We can’t wait to meet our new Thorp Kindergarteners!

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  1. Mr.Toledo,
    Just a suggestion for the K orientation. It might be nice to give the students and parents a guided tour of the building showing them the library, lunch room, gym, computer lab and art room. Perhaps giving them a map of the H shaped floor plan, where the bathrooms are located etc. I have been a parent volunteer for Ms. Morales’K class for the past 3 years as well as a board member of Friends of Thorp. My observation is that parents could benefit from that kind of welcoming as well as the new students. I am available for the tours!!!!

    1. Ms. Bratt,

      Thank you for the suggestions. . . You are right, the H – shaped floor plan can be a bit confusing, especially for the new principal. I might walk each class around the building just to get them used to it.

      Mr. Toledo

    1. Although not required you may want to bring your child to better acquaint him/her with the school.

      Efren Toledo

  2. mr toledo, for the kindergarten orientation how long would it last? im sorry if you have somewhere post that i dont have that informatin.sincerely patty zompetta

    1. Sorry about the time it took to answer this question – it fell through the electronic cracks – Yes there is a Kdg waiting list determined by the Office of Access and Enrollment .

      Mr. Toledo

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