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July 10 LSC Meeting Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes
O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy
6024 W. Warwick Ave., Chicago, IL 60634
July 10, 2019, 7:00 am

Roll call:
Present: Jennifer Alper, Ami Thaker, Debra Dean, Efren Toledo, Joel Paulraj, Bill Harmon, Naomi Millan, Amy Ellison

Absent: Robert Lee, Mahmoud Bambouyanni, David Feller, Angelica Jacinto

LSC members will be noted by last name only for the remainder of the minutes.  

Call to order: 7:10 am 

Establishing officers for 2019-2020 school year:

Amy Ellison to continue as chair. Dean motioned, Paulraj seconded. Unanimous approval.

Bill Harmon to continue as vice chair. Dean motioned, Paulraj seconded. Unanimous approval.

Naomi Millan to continue as secretary. Dean motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval.

Joel Paulraj to serve as vice secretary. Harmon motioned, Dean seconded. Unanimous approval. 

David Feller to continue as FOIA officer. Dean motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval. 

Establishing meeting dates for the 2019-2020 school year:

Meeting dates will be the second Wednesday of the month, alternating evening and morning times. The first meeting will be September 11 at 5:30 pm. The second meeting will be October 9 at 7 am. 

At the first meeting, the chairmanship of the different committees will be established.

Major LSC events for the coming year will include the new CIWP, LSC elections, and principal renewal.

General discussion:

  • Budget negotiations are ongoing. 
  • Discussed some personnel changes: a part-time counselor will not be returning due to changes in CPS rules; a replacement will need to be hired for Ms. Schoenwolf; three special education assistants are leaving to continue their education.
  • Discussed the function and responsibility of LSCs. Reminder to everyone to finish all modules if have not already done. 
  • Discussed history of LSCs and curtailment of LSC clout over time.  

Secretary had to leave shortly before 8 am.

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