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On this page we are trying to compile a “definitive” history of O.A.  Thorp Scholastic Academy. This will become a living classroom exercise as our third grade students become archivists, researchers and historians discovering our Chicago history. Please visit often as this section will surely grow with time.

By the way, the old Chicago Public Schools Alumni Site was taken down. However, by going by using the Internet “Wayback Machine” you can still visit the old site. There were a number of alumni who had registered, we do not have those names anymore. If you are interested in registering with our site and helping us learn more about O.A. Thorp when you attended please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you for visiting us “virtually” if you are interested in physically visiting Thorp Scholastic Academy – our tours are on the third Thursday of each month at 1:30PM. We would love to have you come. Reunion information can also be disseminated via our site if your class is interested in getting together.

-Mr. Toledo
Principal O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy


Thorp, Ole Anton (1856-1905) Ole Anton Thorp was born in Eidsberg, Norway. He came to Minneapolis in 1879 before settling in Chicago a year later. In Chicago he founded his import-export business, Ole A. Thorp and Company, and was subsequently the first to conceive and put into practice the idea of direct shipments by water between Chicago and Europe. Thorp was knighted by King Oscar of Sweden for his work as a representative of Sweden in the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. He was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Education. Below is a description of Mr. Thorp from the Dedication Ceremonies of the Columbian Exposition

Description of OA Thorp from the Columbian Exposition 1893






Here are the words  of O.A. Thorp about the settling of Alaska in a Congressional Dept. of the Interior report. Click the image below:






Take a look at OA Thorp’s life history from A History of the Norwegians in Illinois

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 8.57.05 AM




Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 8.59.17 AM






School History

“Old” O.A. Thorp School (1905-1914)

Located at: 2701 West Foster Avenue in the Lincoln Square community. (The building was renamed Bowmanville School then Lyman Budlong Elementary School

1918 – Ole A. Thorp Elementary School moves to its present location on Warwick and the old O.A. Thorp school building officially becomes Budlong Elementary School.

The architect who designed Thorp’s building in 1918 was Arthur Hussander (1865-1943). Mr. Hussander designed over 60 schools and he favored the classical style (thus Thorp’s columns). From Chicago’s Historic Schools: [Hussander’s] school designs include Lindblom Technical School; Senn High School; Carter Harrison Technical School (now Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy); and Bell, Herzl, Parkside, Peirce, Pope, Thorp, and Riis elementary schools.


From the National Register Nomination Archives: “… A significant step toward residential development in the area came in 1916 when the City of Chicago purchased a parcel of land on the west side of Austin Avenue from Gottfried Pick. Here, the city built the O. A. Thorp Public School, designed by Board of Education architect Arthur Hussander. In the context of bungalow neighborhoods, which carefully excluded industrial buildings and limited commercial buildings to major streets, schools and churches were the primary non-residential buildings that came to share and monumentalize the residential landscape. Schools and churches gave newer neighborhoods a rooted and more substantial appearance and reinforced the broader ideals of family life, child rearing, and moral propriety that developers hoped would make their developments attractive to potential homebuyers.


Chicago Tribue Articles and Timeline (Please email Mr. Toledo if you find any articles related to O.A. Thorp and/or the school)


1895 – Architect announced for “Dunning School” July 14, 1895

1899 – Ole Thorp Knighted by King Oscar of Norway January 22, 1899

1903 – Ole Thorp investigates building code violations at schools September 13, 1903

1904 – Ole Thorp supports a resolution preventing schools to be named after saloon keepers April 27, 1904

1904 – Controversy over school names April 28, 1904

1905 – New school named for Ole Thorp July 08, 1905

1918 – Thorp School closed due to lack of coal February 12, 1918

1965 – Thorp School PTA Honors 23 Past Presidents February 07, 1965

1968 – O.A. Thorp Elementary to be integrated through school busing, March 10, 1968

1968 – Residents Oppose Busing Plan March 09, 1968

1968 – Resentment about Busing – Focus on Thorp School, May 26, 1968

1973 – Scuffle at Thorp during Teacher’s Strike January 17, 1973

1982 – Thorp Becomes a Scholastic Academy Dec. 12, 1982

1985 – Late Bus Routes – September 24, 1985

2014 – Profile of Chicago Bungalows July 7, 2014

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