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Hispanic Culture Shared In K- 3: “El Cucuy Is Scared, Too!”

Hispanic Culture Shared in K- 3: “El Cucuy Is Scared, Too!”

Children from all different cultures can identify with the fear of new changes and imaginary monsters that often hide in closets or under the bed. In this colorful read aloud picture book, Ramón’s worries and fears about his new home, new school, and making new friends are bigger than his old fear of the Mexican Boogeyman El Cucuy. El Cucuy confides in Ramón that he has similar fears of his own. Ramón convinces El Cucuy that they are both strong and brave and can face their new challenges.

In class we discussed and connected El Cucuy from the Hispanic Culture to the popular Disney film “Monsters, Inc.” and how these imaginary monsters help us realize that we are also strong and brave. After coloring a picture of Ramón and his friend El Cucuy, students created and colored their own imaginary “monsters”.

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