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High School Selection And Principal Discretion

High School Selection and Principal Discretion

Congratulations Families!

By now you have received high school notification letters.  We need your child to let us know where he or she will be going to high school by clicking this link.

Some of you may be interested in learning more about principal discretion.  Below, please find the link that helps provide information about frequently asked questions when it comes to the principal discretion process.  If you wish to receive a recommendation from Mr Toledo, then you will need to fill out the Thorp Principal Recommendation Form. Below is the information from the CPS Office of Access and Enrollment:

Principal Discretion is a process that allows Selective Enrollment High School principals to fill a designated number of ninth grade seats, outside of the regular selection process, based on information provided through application packages submitted by students.

Applicants to ninth grade can apply to a Selective Enrollment school through the Principal Discretion process if they (1) did not receive a Selective Enrollment offer, or (2) they received a Selective Enrollment offer but would like to be considered for a different Selective Enrollment High School. (You do not have decline an offer in order to apply for Principal Discretion).

The Principal Discretion application period for the 2018-2019 school year begins at 9 am on April 9th and ends at 6 pm on April 20th. The application will be posted beginning on April 9th. Click the links below to access the Principal Discretion Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions. The handbook provides step-by-step instructions for submitting a Principal Discretion application package and contains the guidelines and requirements for the process.

If you have questions after you review these documents, contact the Office of Access and Enrollment 773-553-2060 or

If you wish for Mr. Toledo to write you a letter of recommendation, you must fill out this form by April 13th.

Thank you!

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