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Graduation 2021

Graduation 2021

Graduation Seating and Procedures on West Field
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Families and staff as we approach our graduation I want to thank all of you for your flexibility and dedication to making this very event a very special event for our students. We have tried our best to ensure that all of our students can graduate together. In order to make this happen our ceremony will be held outside on our West Field.

Our graduation ceremony will begin at 8:30AM. (Families can begin arriving at 8:00AM.We encourage parents to arrive eary and park near their assigned entrances on Warwick Ave., Meade Ave. and Grace Ave. The teacher parking lot will also be open for parents. (Staff members have been asked to not park near the school.) At 8:00AM all entrances to the West Field will be open. We are limiting guests to four family members. Please note that it may be warm on Wednesday. Family members that may have health difficulties should stay home. Seating for family members will not be provided.

Families will gather at the designated family spots for each homeroom. There will be a lawn sign with your graduate’s photo. Please observe social distance guidelines. Families should be no closer than six feet from each other. We are observing CDC guidelines. Students and children who are not vaccinated will need to wear masks while seated. Masks are optional for all vaccinated adults while they are outside. (Teachers and staff will continue to wear masks as indicated by CPS guidelines.)

The live graduation ceremony will be around 30 minutes long in the hope of ensuring the safety of our students and families.

Students will stay with their families until they begin to hear “Pomp and Circumstance”. Students will walk to their seats and sit down. Once all students are seated. Pomp and Circumstance will stop playing. We will then begin our ceremony. All students will stand for the National Anthem and “Oh Thorp”

We will then have a welcome address by Mr. Toledo and our student speeches by our Student Council President – Jack Gardiner and our Thorp Scholar – Iliana Gonzalez.

After our student speeches, the teachers will call up the graduates to receive their diplomas. Ms. Marsiglio will call up her students and they will immediately be dismissed to the garden on Warwick Ave where they will be able to pick up their diplomas, graduation pictures and take pictures with their families. Classes will be called in alphabetical order by homeroom (312, 302, 305, & 306). All graduates (except for students in 312) will return to their seats after receiving their diplomas. We expect students and families to cheer and clap for all of our graduates!

Once all students have been called, we will dismiss students and their families 10 at a time by homeroom. This will allow students to pick up their graduation photos, transcripts and awards at the Warwick Garden. The next 10 students and families will be called once the garden is cleared. Parents and families please exit the field and walk along the sidewalk in order to meet your child at the Warwick Garden. We will have multiple photo spots where you may take pictures while you wait for your graduation pictures and transcripts. Families are asked to leave the school grounds once transcripts and pictures have been distributed. (With so many families we want to ensure that we limit the exposure of those who may still be vulnerable.) We cannot call the next group until all families have left the garden area.

Some final things to keep in mind:

-This is not our typical graduation ceremony. Please let your children know that dressing up may be for pictures at home later – no high heels. We don’t want anyone twisting an ankle in the grass.

The live ceremony will be short. However, temperatures may be in the high 80’s . Those with health concerns should probably wait to see the ceremony on Friday. Student awards, videos and montages will be premiered in our Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Friday June 25th at 7:00PM.

Seating will not be provided. You will need to bring your lawn chairs and blankets – think of this as a graduation picnic rather than a graduation ceremony. Our first priority was making sure that the students who have been together for nine years can graduate together.

You do not need to worry about missing the perfect picture – please stay in your designated spot. All families will receive a professional picture of their child receiving their diploma and a professional video will be available to all via our Youtube Channel. (Students will be asked to remove their masks when receiving their diploma.)

Finally, thank you to all of the parents, teachers and staff who have worked together to make this graduation possible. If you have any questions please email Ms. Sanabria or any of the 8th grade teachers.

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