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Grade 8 – Week of Sept 15-19, 2014

Greetings:  This week, our 8th grade students will have already received directions for their upcoming project due Oct 17, 2014. This project is our Illinois Fun Fact Portfolio/Booklet project.  Students will be working in the computer lab to conduct research for their projects.  There will be two project check-in dates where students are expected to produce research and show progress on their projects.  Those days are:  Friday, Sept 26,  2014 and Friday, Oct 10, 2014.  Students have been given detailed directions to this project and we have already gone over these directions in class this past week.  I would like to remind students to please pace themselves while conducting research and completing this  project.  Two full weeks of computer lab time will be devoted to this project in class.  General assignments this week will include: Illinois Constitution textbook pages and other various graphic organizers as assigned.  Have a great week!  Mrs. Galligan

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