Friday Letter: 4/12/2013


Dear Parents,
April 17th is a non-attendance day for students; Report Card Pick-up will begin at 12:00PM. Teachers will have a lunch break from 3:00PM to 4:00PM and will continue report card meetings from 4:00PM to 6:15PM. Immediately after our Report Card Pick-up we will have our LSC Meeting in the auditorium. Also on Wednesday our Parents will be hosting a faculty luncheon. If you’d like to donate a dish for the luncheon, please speak with Ms. Amir. She can be contacted at 773-996-3177.

The 2013 Parent/Guardian Survey, “My Voice, My School” will be available for you to fill out on Report Card Pick-up Day. We will have laptops in hallways and the computer lab. Your responses are anonymous and there will be assistants there ready to help you. Please make sure you stop by one of these locations to fill out the survey.
Next week, the PTA will be sending home a survey. They are asking for your input to assist them in determining a meeting time that best fits our membership’s schedules. They will also include a few general questions. When you receive the flyer from the PTA, please sign on to the survey link and fill out the brief questionnaire.
8th grade parents, graduation fees are due on Monday, April 15th. Please submit your payment of cash or money order to your child’s teacher.

Finally, I am looking for parents who wish to volunteer during our morning drop-off. We need parents to man doors, help students out of their cars, and monitor students in the auditorium. If you would like to help please email Mrs. Dean by Monday.
Thank you,

Efren D. Toledo