Friday Letter: 10/26/2012



Dear Parents,


Today, your child received his or her Individualized Learning Path (ILP) for Reading. The ILP is a road map based on the MAP test that focuses on necessary skills to your help your child grow in Reading and will address areas of weakness that may be evident. Additionally, the ILP will allow you to help us as we partner in individualizing instruction for each child.


In the next few weeks you will have access to computerized learning programs that will be linked to your child’s RIT score. Programs like Compass Learning, Achieve 3000 and others will be correlated to your child’s learning level and will help us target areas of deficiency in order to help ensure academic growth.


We have also sent home permission slips for our After School Programs. There are a number of enrichment and academic programs available to our students. Please visit our website to see all the wonderful programs and partnerships we are bringing to Thorp.  I would strongly encourage your child to participate in as many enrichment opportunities as possible. Additionally, for some of our students, we are strongly encouraging them to participate in our remediation programs in Reading and Math. Unfortunately, we cannot offer transportation for our after-school programs.


Parents, I want to let you know how important our website is becoming as Thorp’s primary communication tool. If you have not visited your child’s class page, please do so. Also thank you to all of the teachers who are continually updating their class sites. I appreciate their determination and pride in communicating the great things that are happening in their classrooms.


Finally, I want to thank our counselor; Mrs. Lauren Leibovich for holding our high school fair. We hope that parents and students were informed and encouraged by the many choices available to them. I would also like to thank all of the schools who sent representatives. O.A. Thorp continues being a shining example of what is “right” with Chicago Public Schools and we are encouraged by all of the high schools who recognize it.


Thank you for your support of Thorp Scholastic Academy,