Friday Letter: 10/12/12



Dear Parents,



Last month I had the opportunity to meet two former graduates from O.A. Thorp: Ruth and Esther Spann (maiden name). They graduated in 1938 and 1942 respectively. It was my privilege to welcome them to our school and in the process I learned a little more about O.A. Thorp’s wonderful legacy.  I had representatives from our 3rd grade and 8th grade classes give the Spann sisters a tour of our building as well as to ask them questions about what it was like to attend Thorp in the 1930’s.

The Spann sisters helped me put Thorp’s legacy in perspective– What will our students say about their school when they return 5, 10, or even 80 years after graduating? I hope they will be able to say that Thorp provided them with a home away from home. I hope they can also say that they learned lessons not only about Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but also about caring, treating others with respect and dignity, and the attributes necessary to live a successful life.  Please take time to visit our website to see pictures of the Spann sisters’ visit as well as to read the article our eighth graders wrote.


Important Dates and Events:


10/13 PTA Flea Market 8:00AM to 3:00PM Thorp East Lot / PTA Thorp Night – Chicago Wolves Opening Day
10/15-10/19: Vision and Hearing Screening

10/17: Progress Reports sent home


10/19: MAP Based Individualized Learning Paths (Reading) sent home.

Finally parents, we need you to fill out our web-based contact form if you have not done so. This will eliminate some of our printing costs, and will ensure that you receive everything that is sent home by the school.

Thank you again for allowing us to partner with you in educating your child,

Efren Toledo


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  1. When I decided to become a teacher, there was only one school I wanted to teach at:) Thorp was my second home, and even after I graduated, I always returned. I’m honored to be a teacher at Thorp!

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