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Fourth Grade Library Research And Slide Show Presentations

Fourth Grade Library Research and Slide Show Presentations

During Library our fourth graders learned how to use Britannica School  and various websites to research animals that they chose and create Google Slide Shows to present to the class. They all did a fantastic job!

Enjoy some of them at the links below! Ask your son or daughter to show you what they have learned!

Scorpions by Roy

African Animals by Melanie

Cheetahs by Javier

Sea Turtles by Alyssa

Hippos by Nicole

Jellyfish, Tigers & More! by Joshua

Sloths by Olivia

African Wildlife by Nicole

Deathstalker Scorpion by Owen

Awesome Animals by Mia

Tigers by Quinn

Bobcats by Gianna

Bulldogs by Kinsey

Sea Turtles, Lions Tigers & More by Stephanie

German Shepherds & Huskies by Lily

Best Animals! by Cristian

Turtles by Miles

Dolphins by Uzma

Awesome Animals by Kinga

Sharks by Henry

African Wild Animals by Nyla

Bobcats by Lily

From Lizards to Lions by Adrian

Water Animals by Gabriel

Cats Around the World by Andrey





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