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Flag Football Study Guide – Grades 4-8

Test will be the following days.

Monday, Nov. 4th

4th Grade – Room 202

6th Grade – Rooms 308 and 310

8th Grade – Rooms 302 and 305

Tuesday, Nov. 5th

7th Grade – Rooms 304 and 307

Wednesday, Nov. 6th

4th Grade – Rooms 201 and 203

5th Grade – Room 212

7th Grade – Room 303

Thursday, Nov. 7th

5th Grade- Rooms 210 and 211

6th Grade – Room 309

8th Grade – Room 306



• A touchdown is worth 6 pts.

• NO rushing the punter and NO fake punts

• A player is down if their knee touches the ground

• All players are eligible receivers

• The offensive team is given 4 downs to score or get a 1st down   


Offside (5 yds.) – crossing Line of Scrimmage before the snap of the ball.

False Start (5 yds.) – This is an offensive penalty in which one of the line moves before the ball is snapped.

Holding (10 yds.) – The offensive player holding an opponent

Unnecessary roughness (15 yds.) – tackling, tripping or pushing


Defense– the team trying to prevent the opponent from scoring.  The team that does not have the ball.

Offense – The team attempting to score. The team that has possession of the ball.

Line of Scrimmage – the spot of the ball before a play

Fumble – when the ball carrier drops the ball while running (dead ball)

Interception – when a defensive player catches an offensive pass

Reception– when an offensive player catches a pass

Kick Off– To start the game, after a team scores and to start the second half.

3 types of Passes– Center, Forward and Lateral.

Offensive Positions

  • Center – snaps the ball to the quarterback (may receive a pass)
  • Quarterback – calls for the snap of the ball to start offensive play. May run the ball, may pass the ball, may handoff the ball during play
  • Running back – lines up behind the quarterback. May run the ball or go out to receive a pass
  • Wide Receiver – primary purpose is to go out to receive a pass.
  • Guard – Stands next to the center. Blocks the defensive tackles so the quarterback does not get sacked.

________ Line of Scrimmage _______________

O(1)        (2) O  O (3) O (2)                           O O (1)  

                      O (4)

                       O (5)   

1, Wide Receivers

2. Guards

3. Center

4. Quarterback

5. Running Back

Defensive Positions

  • Defensive Tackles –Stands in front of the guards and rushes the quarterback.
  • Corner Back – Stands in front of the wide receiver and prevents the wide receiver from receiving a pass.
  • Linebacker – Plays behind the defensive line and perform various duties depending on the situation, including rushing the passer, covering receivers, and defending against the run.
  • Safety – The safety are defensive backs who line up from ten to fifteen yards behind the line of scrimmage and help out the corner backs.

_________ Line of Scrimmage _____________

X (1)                   (2) X         X (2)                             X X (1)  

                                     X (3)   

X(4)                                                                                   X(4)

  1. Corner Back
  2. Defensive Tackles
  3. 3. Linebacker
  4. Safety

If you have any questions please ask me in class or email me.


Ms. McGoldrick

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