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Fine Arts Showcase

Fine Arts Showcase

A commitment to fine and performing arts is one of the gifts that make Thorp Scholastic one of the best schools in town. While all students take Visual Art and Music class every week, some go above and beyond by dedicating their time to various extra-curricular activities. These kids stay after school or sacrifice their lunch and recess to learn about music and experience being on stage! This Thursday the 19th, there will be two performances: 8:00am for K-4 and 9:15am for 5-8. Parents are welcome at both performances, and can find seating on the balcony (entrance on second floor). We will be showcasing five different musical activities that are offered to students at Thorp:

  • Dance, led by Ms. Porwancher (students wear gray tops, black bottoms, black socks, gym shoes)
  • Gospel Choir, led by Mrs. Dobbins (students wear white tops, black bottoms)
  • Smiling Strings, led by Mrs. Grimes (students wear black and white concert attire)
  • A preview of our upcoming musical: Annie Jr. led by Windy City Theater (black modesty clothes)
  • Band, led by Mr. Vikhter (black and white, any combo; students must bring instruments!)

There will also be a special presentation of our visual arts! Please contact Mr. Vikhter if you have any questions or concerns:

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