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Exploring Award Winning Literature

Exploring Award Winning Literature

In Kindergarten – Third Grade we continue our exploration of “Monarch Award Books” that we will be voting on in the next few months.

For the last couple of weeks we read I Wanna New Room by Karen Kaufman Orloff, and reviewed I Wanna Iguana. In both books, Alex writes persuasive letters to his parents.

We “dissected” Alex’s letters and wrote our own, trying to persuade parents to buy iPads, iPhones, and puppies.  Some students wanted to go to Florida or Mexico to escape the Chicago cold weather or visit family.


This week we read the Caldecott Honor book: One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo.

Elliot visits the aquarium with his seemingly preoccupied father and asks for a penguin. The reader assumes his father thinks he means a plush toy from the gift shop and agrees. Elliot takes home “Magellan,” a Magellanic Penguin. The reader assumes his father is still too preoccupied to be aware of Elliot’s & Magellan’s adventures until he finally screams, “Where did this penguin come from?” He surprises readers by being so very proud when Elliot responds, “The southern tip of Argentina.” Only then do we also find out that his father has his own rather unusual “pet” that he has been referring to as “Captain Cook.”

For the next few weeks, we’ll continue investigating penguins using nonfiction books, databases and websites. We will look at text features such as headings, labels, photographs, captions and bold face print.



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