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Entering Special Merits


Instructions for Quarterly Special Merits and Final  Awards:

Please fill out the Special Merit form by the Monday before report card distribution so that Special Merit Rosters can be printed and posted outside of the office (and your HR). 

Steps for accessing the Special Merits form:
  1. Log into the computer with your user name and password
  2. Double click on your home folder
  3. Double click on the Teacher info system file
  4. Click on teacher forms
  5. Click on special merit forms
  6. Enter your room #
  7. Fill in quarterly and if necessary Award Assembly Awards.

Rules for Final Award Assembly Awards:



2/3 quarters for ER, HR

3/3 quarters for SHR

3/3 quarters for PA


*Tricky Scenarios: If a student receives 2 SHR and 1 HR or ER they receive a final award of HR. If a student receives ER, HR and SHR they end the year with an HR award. PA awards may be pulled for students who are absent/tardy in the 4th quarter before the Awards Assembly. If you have a question about an award ask the office.
Mrs. Montemayor will be in charge of creating the Final Awards for the Awards Assembly. If any additional award categories are needed let her know so we can add them to the list of awards. Award list confirmations will be distributed the last week of May.

If you have any questions feel free to email Karen (
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