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Dec. 12 LSC Meeting Minutes

LSC Meeting Minutes

O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy

6024 W. Warwick Ave, Chicago IL, 60634

December 12, 2018

Video of the first 54 minutes of the meeting is available at

Call to order: 7:08 am


Roll call — Present: Efren Toledo, Debra Dean, Amy Ellison, Jennifer Alper, Ami Thaker, Naomi Millan, Joel Paulraj, Angelica Jacinto, David Feller, Bill Harmon, Robert Lee

Absent: Mahmoud Bambouyanni

(For the rest of the minutes, participants will be noted by last name only.)


Vote to move public participation and vote on cadre position up in the agenda: Dean motioned, Thaker seconded. Unanimous approval.

Approval of November minutes: Thaker motioned, Paulraj seconded. Unanimous approval


Vote to fund cadre substitute position:

  • Transfer of 115 funds ($30,000), from line 51320 290001 to line 51320 21001
  • This position supports the DL initiative.
  • Paulraj motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval.

Public participation:

  • Proposed creation of an LSC subcommittee focused on diverse needs community at school. Planning to meet monthly on the last Monday of the month. Seeking an LSC member.

LSC Housekeeping:

  • Updated resource guide for LSC is available. Printing the guide out for reference is recommended. Of particular note: module on budget and principal evaluation.


  • Student council has started meeting. Teachers are focused on the essential questions for lesson planning. Vertical alignment committees on subject.

Principal Evaluation Committee

  • Met Dec.5. Focused on getting the principal evaluation survey to more people. Current participation is about 150.
  • The final summative rating for 2017-18 is now available. This combines data from CPS, parents, and school testing.

Bilingual Advisory Committee

  • Talked about outreach to parents in the committee.
  • Potential for multicultural year-end assembly.
  • Meeting again Friday of this week.

Wellness Committee

  • Dec. 3 was last meeting
  • Working on homework survey, which will go out to parents, teachers, and students.
  • Feb. 7 will be the townhall on homework

Communications Committee

  • LSC minute needs to be updated.
  • Planning to meet in January. Focus will be Principal’s Friday letter.

Friends of Thorp

  • WinterFest brought in $3000 in revenue ($2400 after expenses)
  • So far have raised $68000 for outdoor improvements.
  • Upcoming fundraisers: Pub Quiz, Spring Auction


  • Parent Zumba night event on Jan. 11. Donation suggested, so not a fundraiser.
  • Lee motioned, Alper seconded. Unanimous approval.

7th and 8th Grade Committee

  • So far have raised $4000 towards the 7th grade trip to Washington D.C. The trip total is $30,000. Goal is to defray the parent’s costs as much as possible.

Principal Report

  • PPLC: Because of unexpected cuts, school can’t cover (reimburse?) personal days for training anymore. There was a discussion regarding how much money that was saving (a few thousand) so will be returning to the old policy next school year. Also discussed ongoing maintenance issues caused by paper loading issues into copiers. School owns the copiers and pays for repairs as needed.
  • Toledo showed videos showing science labs in action. LSC was encouraged to visit the school during the school day to see all the good work being done first hand.
  • Followed up on subscriptions. Decreased number of computer program subscriptions based on use. Decreased magazine subscriptions and asked PTA to help.
  • Acoustic tile project: Trying to get the vendor approved. Will be used to improve sound proofing on 1st floor, to lower echo in building. Toledo was asked to look at the fine print in the grant regarding reporting requirements.

New Business

  • Parent concern regarding wait time during parent/teacher conferences. Individual grades will figure out their strategies. Thaker stressed that parents should address issues earlier in the quarter than on report card pickup. There is not enough time on that day to have an in-depth conversation.

Old Business

  • CIWP/Budget Presentation. Can be done at the same time. Toledo wants to add it to the executive functioning meeting, which are held after every progress report. Will try to set the presentation up for January 12 at 8 am. Alper motioned, Harmon seconded. Unanimous approval.

Special meeting will be held Monday December 17 at 7:30 am to vote on the principal summative rating, the language for the principal evaluation survey, and approve FoT fundraisers.

Next meeting will be February 13.

Motion to adjourn: Dean motioned.  (Secretary failed to note who seconded, and time of adjournment.)

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